Customer service is no longer a one-way street: Customers expect brands to communicate in real time and use effective dialogue to improve customer experience. In the latest step toward this goal, Zendesk is partnering with Google Play to change the way shoppers view the review process.
With the new functionality, companies will be able to open conversations directly from customer reviews posted on the Google Play platform, allowing them to open a new channel of communication with customers.
“The lines between customer service and marketing continue to blur, and ultimately, customers make the decisions about which channel they want to use for support,” said Billy Robins, director of business development at Zendesk. “With our Google Play integration, we are helping businesses be proactive when it comes to interacting with their customers. Responding directly to app reviews is the perfect opportunity to let people know that someone is listening.”
Closed-loop processes have become a necessity in enhancing customer engagement; responding to customer feedback goes a long way in building loyalty, even if the suggestion isn’t something that’s feasible for the company to implement.
“App reviews are one of the leading forums for customer feedback, and it’s important that we’re listening to this critical channel,” said Joe Binney, VP of engineering at Robinhood. “With Zendesk’s Google Play integration, app reviews now become conversations and opportunities to engage with our customers.”
The new feature is already being put through its paces; early adopters of the Zendesk platform include game developer Halfbrick, investment platform Robinhood, and management software company Wrike.
“When it comes to customer service, we don’t decide the channels−our customers do,” said Nic Bryson, director of customer support at Wrike. “We recognize that reviews on Google Play are one of the important ways our customers interact with us, and it’s our goal to meet our customers wherever they are.”

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