Even for successful brands, it is inevitable that some customers will fall through the cracks. Fortunately, new technologies allow companies to track customer interactions and act on weak or flailing relationships before they flat line.

The market research experts at GfK recently launched GfK Brand Vivo, a revolutionary brand tracking platform that uses relational intelligence to illuminate brand experiences and propel future behaviors. Relational intelligence is a more accurate and statistically sensitive method of monitoring how customers experience, bond, and engage with brands on an individual level.

The relational intelligence method relays this customer insight through human relationship metaphors that describe the evolving social and emotional bonds that consumers form with a brand. This insight gives companies the vision to see weak or disengaged customers, and the power to rebuild those potential losses into blossoming consumer relationships.

“Activating latent brand equity is a big opportunity for brands,” Gavin Dickinson, Global Director of Brand Strategy at GfK, said in a release, “and GfK Brand Vivo reveals the experiences and connections that will help convert latent equity into action. This lets us provide unique and intuitive insights to allow our clients to grow their brands’ share and value.”

GfK believes that its new brand tracking platform reflects the natural way by which consumers interact with and are contacted by brands in their real-life routines.

“We see Brand Vivo as a pivot point in the evolution from conventional brand tracking to new thinking,” Helen Zeitoun, Global Head of Brand and Customer Experience at GfK, added. “It reflects the way brands are organic to everyday life in the seamless flow between the physical and digital worlds.”

With GfK Brand Vivo, companies can create lasting loyal relationships, and avoid customers slipping through the cracks. 

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