Genesys, a leading provider of customer experience and contact solutions, announced this week it has acquired Ventriloquist Voice Solutions International to add scale and reach to its cloud-based proactive communications offerings.

Reed Henry, Chief Marketing Officer at Genesys, told Loyalty360 that the acquisition will help companies deliver “persona-based, branded customer interactions over voice, SMS, email, and mobile to improve the customer experience.”

Ventriloquist Voice Solutions is an existing partner of Genesys with a substantial installed base of customers in Canada and the U.S.

As companies look for new ways to differentiate their customer experience, the ability to personalize email, mobile, and customer interactions becomes a critical differentiator. With the Genesys Proactive Customer Communications solution, organizations communicate with their customers in a highly effective, interactive, and personalized manner that delivers positive brand impressions. Today, Genesys Proactive Customer Communications delivers over two billion messages annually in 30 countries for more than 350 customer experience leaders.

Henry added that customer experience leaders are looking for more ways to personalize proactive customer communications that eliminate the need for unnecessary customer interactions.

In the past year, Genesys has aggressively grown its cloud-based contact center offerings through four acquisitions: Soundbite, Angel, Echopass, and now Ventriloquist Voice Solutions.

In October, Genesys announced the acquisition of Echopass Corp. – which added to the then 1,250 existing Genesys cloud customers and establish Genesys as the “clear market leader in cloud-based contact centers.”

The Echopass acquisition directly addressed the needs of enterprises that are experiencing both dynamic changes and tremendous customer engagement opportunities. Today, customer experience has never been more strategic to a company’s differentiation as consumers select companies to do business with based on their reputation for customer service. Enterprises are adopting cloud contact center solutions to bring rapid innovation and flexibility to customer interaction channels, especially as consumers’ engagement preferences evolve, and to gain greater efficiencies from internal teams that support the customer experience. They also want the choice between shifting entirely to the cloud—or extending their on-premises system—while maintaining a full suite of enterprise-class solutions and security. 


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