Global retail giant GameStop told MCV this week that its UK website has seen ‘triple digit’ growth over the last few years.

And now the firm wants to launch a loyalty scheme in Britain, but still has no plans to open any High Street stores.

The firm’s international boss Mike Mauler admitted to MCV the lack of stores makes it tricky to implement the same multi-channel strategy that it has in the US.

“It is our only country right now where we are just ecommerce, we don’t have a store base,” he told us. “That can be a hindrance in some ways but it also gives us a lot of flexibility in terms of what you can try.

“You guys have reported on some of the things we have done at GameStop UK [heavily discounted games and bundles], and some of those things would have been riskier in a market where we have a store base. The last remaining place to launch a loyalty programme is in the UK.”

Mauler says that GameStop’s monthly in-house magazine – Game Informer – now has over 700,000 international subscribers.

In addition to this, the business is also considering opening some of its tech stores (such as Apple specialist Simply Mac and wireless solutions firm Spring Mobile) outside of the US.

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