This Halloween, take the help of Facebook friends when choosing the right costume. With OutFitter on Facebook Platform,  every single vote also means saving real cash on purchase of those costumes.

Los Angeles, CA. September 10, 2010—A new application on Facebook® Platform has been launched to combine fun, fashion and shopping discounts - OutFitter. Out of more than 10,000 costumes, provided on OutFitter by, users get 50 cents discount for every friend’s vote cast on a selected choice of fancy dresses.

The application has been launched well ahead before the upcoming Halloween so that users have enough time to choose their costumes and get their friends’ advice. Because of the unique combination of fun,  social interaction and getting real discounts, plans to keep OutFitter running even after Halloween. Thus, whenever users need help to decide which costume to buy for the upcoming party, they can always ask their Facebook friends and, at the same time, benefit from the discount at

The developer of the application,, is an online store for adult costumes and sexy lingerie.

Using OutFitter, users can receive amazing discounts and can grab their Halloween Costume at the lowest possible price. The amount of discount one can receive varies from costume to costume. For example,  receiving just 73 votes on the Admiral Aphrodisiac Plus Adult Costume is enough to obtain a discount of over 70% on its online price. For premium costumes such as the Elvis Collector Adult Costume the potential saving can be more than $600 per costume.

In addition to the top-up savings from OutFitter, grants a 110% price guarantee on all of its over 23,000 products.  ‘Combined with the top on OutFitter bonus, you are pretty sure that you’re getting the best deal - the real rock bottom price!’, says Julian from Marketing Team.

Handling and navigation within the application are very intuitive.  Users can choose up to four outfits out of a huge variety of male and female costumes from which are all directly integrated in the interface. The next step is to create a poll for the selected items & asking friends on Facebook for their votes on which outfit look best for a special occasion e.g. Halloween. The friends then vote for a certain outfit. For every vote there is a fixed discount of 50 cents that the poll owner will receive. This discount can be aggregated and later redeemed as a coupon that can be used to purchase the selected outfit on

Besides the possibility of getting discounts on outfits, there is also a strong social aspect to this application. “It’s simply great fun to let your friends decide what to wear for the next party to look ultra-sexy or whatever you want to be. Your social community never runs out of fresh ideas!”, says the owner of, Ankush Aggarwal.

The OutFitter application on FaceBook can be accessed here:

About is an online store for adult costumes and sexy lingerie both for women and men. The range of products is characterized by top quality at reasonable prices and includes popular brands such as Playboy, Allure Leather, Daisy Corsets, Elegant Moments, Fantasy Lingerie or G World Intimates. The shop sticks to its credo “Sexy Made Easy” by offering plenty of items for every occasion while at the same maintaining easy access to every single product.

About Facebook:
Facebook users communicate and share information through the social graph, the network of connections and relationships between people.  Through Facebook® Platform, companies and the developer community are given access to the social graph by building up applications that are deeply integrated into the Facebook website. Facebook® is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc.

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