Finish Line Customer LoyaltySome brands talk about customer loyalty while others live it every day. For The Finish Line CEO Glenn Lyon, talk about customer loyalty is at the heart of the company’s ongoing mission.

“Our team is incredibly focused on executing the company’s brand mission of delivering what we have termed an Epic Finish,” Lyon said during the Sept. 25 second-quarter earnings conference call, according to Seeking Alpha. “We are elevating our commitment to our customers by bringing the latest and greatest sneakers to market and creating a truly memorable shopping experience for them. Beginning with customer engagement, loyalty continues to be the center of our focus. We are leveraging and evolving our CRM capabilities to deepen relationships with our Winners Circle members by bringing them more value through broader loyalty benefits.”

Lyon said company officials are “laser-focused” on their go-forward strategy, which includes five key pillars: Strengthening customer engagements, enhancing merchandise offering, elevating service levels both in stores and digitally, transforming the supply chain, and evolving the leadership structure.

“At the same time, we are enhancing the in-store experience through new collaborations with our brand partners and new visuals that will be incorporated into the Finish Line store of the future,” Lyon said.

The Finish Line’s current merchandise offering includes many of the hottest shoes in the market: Nike Roshe Run, Huarache, Kyrie by Nike, Retro Jordans, 574s from New Balance, and Under Armour Steph Curry signature sneakers.

“We focus day-in and day-out on achieving and maintaining the mix of brands and products our customer wants,” Lyon said. “We will always look for ways to improve upon this through our strong vendor relationships.”

Providing a world-class shopping experience is integral to The Finish Line’s mission.Finish Line CRM

“Between our stores, digital network, and technologically advanced supply chain and fulfillment capabilities, we have built an infrastructure that allows customers to search our entire inventory position in real-time,” Lyon explained. “They can also choose from multiple, cost-efficient options for receiving the products that they desire in the most expeditious way possible. Of course, they have quick and easy access to our world-class customer support team to answer any questions. That said we will never stop pushing to elevate our game even higher, when it comes to servicing our customers.”

The company has formed an analytics team that, Lyon said, “will focus on answering the right questions using analytics to drive insights, and more importantly, actions. They will evaluate everything from real estate to customer actions to supply chain flow, underscoring our commitment to developing leading omnichannel capabilities. By following this blueprint, we can achieve sustainable sales growth at Finish Line and leverage expenses to drive solid operating margin expansion.”

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