With frequency and engagement being the two biggest obstacles for brands in the movie industry, Fandango released its new rewards program this week to tackle both ahead of this summer’s movie releases.

The Fandango VIP+ rewards program is designed to incentivize advanced ticketing and increase consumer moviegoing ahead of this summers blockbuster releases. The program will run April 17 – August 31st.
Adam Rockmore, Fandango’s CMO, believes ticket driving through the utilization of the three-tiered Fandango business portfolio of ticketing, home entertainment, and merchandise is at the forefront of the program.

“Our goal right now is we want to drive ticketing and we are using all three businesses as our fuel to drive ticketing.”

Fandango has had a VIP program in the past, the plus program builds upon the original with increased incentivization’s and first-time rewards.

“We’ve had Fandango VIP across our businesses before. All you do for free is sign in and you get various perks like refund exchanges, purchase programs, linking your exhibitor reward programs with our account etc. This was the first level of just starting to get people from moving to guest checkout to member checkout. We launched our Fandango Now streaming business that we acquired two years ago. We created a Fan Shop one year ago. We now have three businesses in our portfolio that are part of the Fandango Portfolio. Ticketing, home entertainment, and merchandise.”

Members of the program will receive 150 points for every movie ticket they purchase. Once they hit 600 points, they receive their $6 discount code that applies to future movie ticket purchases, digital movie purchases, movie merchandise, or rentals on Fandango NOW.

“With loyalty programs, if you don’t reward people quickly, they lose interest.”

With the industry growing increasingly competitive and more people turning to streaming services as opposed to seeing movies in theaters, the program incentivizes and appeals on multiple different levels.

“On the first level, there’s a group of consumers who think about going to a movie on a Monday then life gets in the way and they do not go. The more you can lock people into an advanced ticket purchase online, the more of a showing you’ll have in the box office. Incentivizing people to go to the theater is crucial.

Number two is for Fandango, what we are trying to do is drive more ticketing through Fandango. We are trying to change the behavior of the industry, maybe they were going to a competitor or not going at all. For some people, this is also a way to get them to go more. Maybe they only go once in the summer. If you think about the magic about this, for example, if I am a family of four who has tickets to Incredibles 2, a day later I can now watch for free a Pixar movie with my family. Then, I can come watch something else at home for free. It is a quick redemption and usage cycle that appeals to anyone. It gives me more incentives to buy more tickets because of the discounts. I can also go to the theater and then consume some new premium rentals. Or if one of my kids is a big fan of a movie, they can buy a discounted piece of merchandise for that movie on our fan shop. Our program tailors itself to all types of different demographics and psychologies.”

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