Express Mart Hopes Loyalty Program Will Spark Enhanced Brand Advocacy

Officials for Express Mart are very excited about its new loyalty program, Around the Clock Rewards, that launched last month.
Petr-All Petroleum Consulting Corp. launched a Paytronix-powered loyalty program for its Express Mart Convenience Stores. The new Around the Clock Rewards program went live in February with a rollout to all 77 corporate-owned stores.
A family owned and operated business created in 1989 by Petr-All Petroleum Consulting Corp., Express Mart has grown to more than 85 corporate and franchise retail outlets throughout New York State, offering an unparalleled, comprehensive list of products to meet guests’ needs. Many Express Mart stores are co-branded outlets that include Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s, Subway, and Tim Horton’s.
The Around the Clock Rewards program allows customers to enroll in the store, via its mobile app, or program website.
During the launch period, Express Mart officials are focused on enrollment and registration.
“Paytronix was willing to work with us and our systems within our company,” Ally McConaughy, Loyalty and Events Manager for Petr-All Petroleum Consulting Corp./Express Mart, told Loyalty360. “Paytronix has always been there to provide either an answer or support to combat the challenge. We have been using them as we guide our way through the startup of our program, and greatly appreciate their attentiveness and support. Our goal is to have all of our guests become members of Around the Clock Rewards. We realize that will be hard to achieve, but ultimately we want Around the Clock Rewards to further the guest the experience in our stores.” 
The Express Mart Around the Clock Rewards program includes the following elements:
Loyalty: Drives the customer experience and motivates customers to identify themselves with each visit. Tightly integrated with Express Mart’s Gilbarco Passport POS system, Paytronix Loyalty generates the data to create deeper customer connections and to drive specific targeted behaviors.
Messaging: Simplifies multichannel messaging for Express Mart with a robust campaign tool and customer loyalty data in one interface. Express Mart can reach customers in the buying decision moment with real-time messages triggered by customer behavior.
Mobile: Ensures that members have the same loyalty experience in store, online or via their phones via the Express Mart-branded Paytronix mobile app.
Data Insights: Harnesses the full value of guest data by exploring new opportunities for compelling visits and spending.
“Our slogan is ‘Not your average convenience store,’ because we do things that aren’t typical to our industry,” McConaughy explained. “We have the same thought pattern with our loyalty program. With the help from Paytronix we are tailoring the experience with the guest and our loyalty program. We want our program to be meaningful to our members, and our structure will provide and prove this to our guests.”
With Around the Clock Rewards, McConaughy added, “we will be able to see guests’ buying habits and use the information to build marketing campaigns specific to groups of guests. Within the groups and the information we receive, we already know the guests have shown interest in buying the products. Our goal is to enhance the guest’s experience with Express Mart through Around the Clock Rewards. Using the insights will help us learn more about our guests and what they are looking for in our stores. One new way is our mobile app. Having a mobile app allows the Express Mart brand to always be with a guest, since people normally always have their phone with them. Our brand is now beyond just being our stores. It’s in your pocket, purse, car, etc.” 

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