Evolution of Metrics Keys Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty at AARP

The evolution of metrics used to measure customer experience and customer loyalty has evolved at AARP, fueled by its Listening and Insights program.

Customer-centricity is a firm mindset for AARP officials and they are beholden to that theme on a daily basis.
“This is another area in which our Listening and Insights Program is a critical enabler,” Michelle Musgrove, Vice President, Experience Strategy & Governance at AARP, told Loyalty360. “We are building a strong Net Promoter Score program, and in 2016 established a baseline NPS score, solicited from a diverse set of representative channels.”
In 2017, Musgrove explained, AARP will monitor the movement of the score so that it can start assigning NPS targets in 2018. 
“This will enable us to not only understand if we are meeting our goals, but also help us understand if our current tactics are building or eroding member loyalty,” Musgrove said. “And we’ll be able to do this at the organization and business unit level. At AARP, we strive for every interaction to be effortless, to be inspiring and to make the user feel ‘AARP Gets Me.’ Our goal is consistent delivery of these principles across our entire enterprise.”
Tied to those crucial metrics, Musgrove added, are AARP’s customer engagement and customer experience initiatives.
“AARP views loyalty, engagement, and experience as inherently interdependent and absolutely central to its social mission of serving the 50+,” Musgrove explained. “We recognize that the expectations of AARP members and anyone who engages with us —just like any consumer today—are evolving quickly, and an individual’s perception of value and resulting brand loyalty is often shaped by their experience. By taking a disciplined approach to Customer Experience Management (CEM), we can address each of these components with a holistic, enterprise-wide approach.”
This engagement lifecycle includes stages of Awareness, Evaluation, Selection, Onboarding, Usage, and Advocacy with distinct sub journeys within each stage. AARP’s approach is no different than countless other companies today that recognize ‘experience’ as a key enabler of strong business performance—including those entering the aging market. 

AARP’s journey to ‘Experience’ excellence began in May 2015 when executive leadership established the experience discipline as a Strategic Priority, necessary to understand and deliver the value members seek, inform our engagement strategies, and drive member loyalty, which will, ultimately, enable AARP to meet its mission of improving the lives of the 50+.  Since then, AARP has made significant investments in building out the AARP Experience (AARPx) function, with the goal of creating a consumer-centric organization with the understanding, skills, and tools necessary to continuously deliver an exceptional member experience.

“Delivery of a superior consumer experience is foundational to our success and facilitates our ability to serve the 50+ and their families,” Musgrove said. “It is also a critical building block to our goal of maintaining a healthy, sustainable and diverse membership. It is difficult to overstate the urgency with which we believe AARP must move to create a world-class consumer experience allowing us to more effectively deliver on our social mission.”

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