Enhanced Customer Experience No. 1 Priority With New Website At Pie Five Pizza

Christina Coy, vice president of marketing at Pie Five Pizza, doesn’t mince words when she talks about customer experience and the company’s new website.

“This is our No. 1 priority!” Coy told Loyalty360. “Previously, guests were challenged to find basic information on the website and now it’s all one click away. We’ve made sure that the most frequently requested information is now bigger and bolder for guests to see. We’ve also made the parts of the website that are most frequently used the cleanest and easiest to read.  We think the food photography also gives our customers a better visual of our products.”

Pie Five Pizza, known for its customizable pizzas prepared and ready to enjoy in just five minutes, upgraded its website to include bold, fresh food imagery along with an integrated ordering and loyalty platform.

After the company rolled out its new mobile app earlier this year, officials saw a huge opportunity to elevate the online customer experience. What’s more, Pie Five launched an updated, contemporary logo, new restaurant design, and in-house delivery, along with menu innovations such as bone-in and boneless chicken wings.

Pie Five's fast-casual concept allows guests to completely customize their own, personal pizza from a selection of more than 40 fresh toppings, seven savory sauces, and four made-from-scratch crusts. Complement each meal with a freshly tossed side salad or basket of warm, cheesy Breadstix!

Coy talked about the company’s goals for the new website.

“It’s always our goal to make our customers drool!” she explained. “We are also trying to provide a quick and easy understanding of the brand, increase engagement of online ordering, and explain the quality ingredients and care that goes into our products.”

What are some of the key elements of the new site?

“The new site has a bright, fresh, and modern look with clean and shortened content,” Coy said. “The food images take center stage with more detailed descriptions of our ingredients. We are trying to show as well as tell customers what we offer and make it easier and faster to find what they need.  We also put a bigger focus on news and local community involvement. We’ve always encouraged customer engagement in the evolution of our brand. From new ingredients to limited time pizzas, we get creative ideas from our most loyal guests. They are the inventors behind our brand. Engagement in the brand provides a sense of belonging and one of the best ways to keep our guests coming back.” 

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