EB Games Is Committed to Delivering a Holistic Customer Experience

EB games customer experienceEB Games is truly a customer-centric company and its customer experience strategy is a driving force behind its mission and vision. Because of its innovative and holistic strategy that global multichannel videogame, the consumer electronics and wireless services retailer earned a silver award in the 360-Degree category to be presented at the Loyalty360 CX Awards, as part of the 4th Annual Loyalty360 Engagement & Experience Expo in Dallas, TX.  

With more than 6,600 stores worldwide, EB Games is a family of specialty retail brands, makes the most popular technologies affordable and simple. Its global family of brands includes a video game retailer, an international electronics retailer, France’s leading video game retailer, a popular browser-based game site, the world’s leading print and digital video game publication, and an online consumer electronics trade-in platform.

EB Games is committed to delivering innovation to consumers anywhere, anytime, and anyway they want it. Whether looking for new or pre-owned, digital or physical video game titles, the latest in video game hardware or accessories or consumer electronics, gaming and technology enthusiasts are invited to discover and enjoy their favorite products in the company’s welcoming environment.

EB Games’ customer experience strategy is based on the company ETHOS:  Family, Integrity, Vitality, Vision, Accountability and Recognition.

Through its successful our loyalty program, EB Games has created a community (Family) of three million members. This was achieved by having the foresight (Vision) to create a program that that rewards members, but never takes away. EB Games continues to evolve the program through face-to-face and written feedback from the community (Accountability).

The proof that EB Games stresses its customer service strategy is in the results. Not only did an education focus in product messaging result in a 25-fold increase in sales conversions over standard sales-focused messaging, but improvements in targeting, personalization and offer accessibility increased in-store engagement by 60% year-over-year. And EB Games maintained focus on relevancy, timeliness, and targeting that resulted in the retention of four out of five members active in the program after two years.

The company’s invaluable customer experience strategy is developed and refined through a variety of initiatives, including a focus group session with its top customers that includes a tour of the EB Games Head Office and exclusive VIP nights held in major cities.  At these events, the company asks for feedback on programs and shows customers special content from the massive industry event, E3. Following the sessions, a survey is sent to the attendees to see how the company can improve its overall brand experience.

When EB Games launched the loyalty program in 2011, it wanted to better understand its customers to provide them with a highly specialized service.

“We have been able to achieve this with a mix of a tailored technology and most importantly, staff vitality,” said Jackie Smith, manager of corporate communications for EB Games.

By getting staff to buy into the values of this program, EB Games has achieved between 80%-90% in-store engagement. In addition, the company is able to achieve average open rates on eDMs above industry averages with targeted eDMs reaching over 60% opens.

Part of EB Games customer service strategy is “For the community by the community.” Each year at Christmas, company officials ask a member of the community to design a Christmas card. This is printed and personally signed by the loyalty and community teams and mailed to all Level 4 customers (the highest tier in its loyalty program).

EB Games celebrates program milestones and recognizes members. For instance, when EB Games celebrated its two millionth member, it created a secret handshake that members had to demonstrate with staff in-store to receive a free plush door hanger of the program’s mascot.

EB Games’ philosophy is to find a solution for the customer no matter what it takes. Customer service is seen as a high priority, and the company supports its stores with a seven-day a week in-house customer service center staffed with people that have a wide-range of experience and industry knowledge.

The company also has a 365 day-a-year social media team.

“Few Australian retailers place importance on monitoring their social pages after business hours, weekends, and especially on public holidays,” said Smith. “We continue a high level of service on our social pages during these times and one of the key days of the year for our business is Christmas day. We roster staff to answer any inquiries the public may have regarding products. Being available for people when they want and via their most accessible medium is a core customer service strategy.” 

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