Driving Results Through Differentiated Product Assortments Guides Zumiez Customer Experience

Driving results through authentic and differentiated product assortments that appeal to individual tastes across various lifestyle categories has guided Zumiez, a specialty retailer of action sports related apparel, footwear, equipment, and accessories, to great success.

What’s more, it’s created memorable customer experiences that, once solidified, turn into brand loyalty.
Third-quarter net sales rose 11 percent, to $245.8 million, for Zumiez, thanks to those aforementioned attributes.

“Providing the customer with a great shopping experience has always been our mission,” Zumiez CEO Richard Brooks said during the company’s Nov. 30 third-quarter earnings call. “Our sustained success is result of our ability to adapt to the rapid changes of the consumer preferences and purchasing behavior.”
Personalization also lends itself seamlessly to Zumiez customers.

“Trends emerge and spread much faster in our more connected world and customers expect to be able to experience brands on a much more frequent and more personalized level,” Brooks added. “We have continued to separate ourselves from the competition by constructing a lifestyle retailer with our unique culture and brand at the center to meet increasing demand of today’s consumer, while maintaining the flexibility to continually adapt the future of market place changes. We’re confident that the investments we have made and we will continue to make in key areas including working with emerging brands, planning and allocation, logistics, enhancing our sales channel, and, most importantly, our people will further strengthen our competitive dynamics and support long-term profitable growth.”

Zumiez continues to new and unique brands across all departments around its product assortments.

“This year, we’ve already launched over 100 new brands bringing a newness and localized fashions that our customers are looking for,” Brooks noted. “Lastly, we rolled out our new customer engagement suite to approximately 30 percent of our U.S. store fleet. The combination of this system enhancement and our existing digital capabilities allows us to both learn more about our customers and engage with them in a more meaningful way. This sort of engagement, along with face-to-face in store interactions, helps keep our fingers on the pulse of local trends, allowing us to provide hyper-localized authentic product assortments and a superior personalized brand experience for our customers.”

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