A primary ingredient of today’s ideal customer experience is speed. Customers are looking for the answers they want, through the channel they want it, as fast as possible. The answer to this question of seamless, instant CX may have been fully revealed last spring with Facebook’s unveiling of Chatbots, automated messaging AIs capable of varying degrees of brand services.
The technology has evolved since then, largely to positive reviews. After early apprehension, brands are rapidly beginning to devise ways to leverage chatbot technology through the lens of their industry, product, and financial commitment. The latest company to unveil its latest Chatbot, Domino’s, has no shortage of possibilities in any of these three contributing variables. The pizza chain announced this week that Dom, the AI behind its mobile capabilities, is now able to handle full orders for all menu items.
The implications this step has on customer experience is hard to overstate. With so many consumers—younger segments, in particular—moving away from traditional telephone use, chatbots like Dom allow for CX beyond what is offered online, or even through a mobile app. While ordering via messenger had been previously possible, options were limited.
The timing of the update is no coincidence: Domino's is aware of the business spike provided by a certain football game this weekend.
“Prior to today, customers with a Pizza Profile were limited to placing their most recent order or Easy Order via Messenger,” said Dennis Maloney, Domino’s senior vice president and chief digital officer. “Now anyone, especially those watching the big football game, can place any order for any menu item they want – no Pizza Profile needed – thanks to Dom, our enhanced ordering assistant bot."
Despite being one of the largest pizza chains in the world, Domino’s adoption of Chatbot technology seems to be driven by a company with a disruptor mindset. This kind of mindset—moving forward by leveraging the latest in CX tools—is one that separates CX leaders from the pack.
“Launching Messenger ordering with Pizza Profiles was a great first step, but Dom’s ordering capabilities are continuing to advance as Domino’s AnyWare technology evolves,” continued Maloney. “We think of ourselves as a brand in progress and wanted to create an even bigger and better ordering experience for customers.”

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