In a surprising move to drive customer loyalty, Domino’s is offering loyalty program points to customers that order a pizza from somewhere other than Domino’s. The company’s new Points for Pies program starts on Saturday, February 2, and uses artificial intelligence to award points to customers who order a pizza from another company. This includes frozen pizza, chain restaurants, and even local establishments unique to an area. The offer will run through April 28, when members of Domino’s loyalty program will be able to earn free pizzas even if they don’t order a single pie from the chain itself.
“We think it’s a risk worth taking,” says Domino’s Chief Brand Officer Art D’Elia. “We really believe that no one loves pizza more than we do. We’re willing to do crazy things like this that our competition isn’t willing to do.
Points for Pies uses AI to determine whether you do in fact buy a pizza. Customers can download the company’s app to sign up for the promotion, while existing loyalty members’ apps will be updated on February 3.
Domino’s loyalty program enables members to earn a medium two-topping pizza once they get 60 points. “They can earn all of those 60 points without having to purchase a Domino’s,” D’Elia said. “We treat all our pizza equally. You can go get a DiGiorno and take a picture and get points. You can get a Giordano’s pizza and take a picture and get points. We really mean this.”
This is not the first unique marketing ploy Domino’s has used to try and get ahead of the competition. Previously, it announced that it would deliver pizzas to parks and stadiums. Last year, it started paving potholes in communities around the country as part of its Paving for Pizza program.
The company’s promotion is being designed to get customers to sign up for the loyalty program and download the app—which Domino’s has used to help generate consistently strong sales growth in recent years.
“We hope that people take full advantage,” says D’Elia. “We want consumers to engage in the brand and category. When they come redeem their points, they can sample our product. This is a great way to get people to come back.”
While this is certainly a unique approach, Domino’s has created a reputation for its unique offers, and so far, the strategy appears to be working.

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