Discount Tire customer experienceFor Discount Tire, which has more than 875 stores in the U.S., it wanted to strengthen what it terms its “Customer for Life” Brand Experience. As a result, Discount Tire became the first Tier One retailer in North America to embrace an associate-led store transformation platform driven by In-store Engagement Platform.

Discount Tire partnered with OneView Commerce, the retail industry’s first and only provider of a commerce-drive store platform that enables multi-directional cross-channel content capture and delivery.

Discount Tire officials realized it was time to replace their legacy POS system as part of a multi-phased corporate-wide transformation. OneView Commerce will allow Discount Tire to deliver a personalized customer experience that is aligned with its brand tenets and strategy

Linda Palanza, COO at OneView Commerce, participated in an engaging interview with Loyalty360 to discuss the new partnership.

How did OneView partner with Discount Tire to enhance its “customer for life” brand experience, and can you explain what that experience entails?

OneView has joined with Discount Tire as part of the full suite of solutions from hybris and SAP, which are combining in their experience to facilitate the transformation. OneView brings built-in integration to the hybris commerce platform that can act as a conduit to push digital content to the store, and empowers associates to deliver a continuously engaging in-store experience. Discount Tire will leverage the capabilities of SAP CAR to capture transactional content from all channels. This information is then accessible to OneView to create a multi-directional content stream, which drives store information back across the enterprise to improve business operations. This multi-directional content delivery is the primary component of OneView’s infrastructure that enables the store to become the digital hub of customer experience Discount Tire customer experiencedriven by empowered and knowledgeable associates.

How will store associates be more empowered due to this new platform?

Whether engaging in-shop, at the car or in the bay, OneView allows associates to utilize mobile technology to capture data, track progress, communicate to customers, and provide the types of services that align with the Discount Tire brand. Associates will now be able to capture or identify a customer during their initial interaction, allowing them to either view past history or begin building a customer relationship upon first interaction. The engagement then continues throughout the evaluation and product review process with the associate able to continually leverage the power of the digital content to continuously engage and educate the customer on their decisions. The final step then streamlines the sales process, allowing associates to more quickly service the customer and complete the transaction to limit wait times and improve overall store experience.

How will this impact customer engagement?

The new system will specifically target improvements in engagement, customer education, and associate optimization. But most importantly, the system is designed to bring the Discount Tire brand experience “to life.”  The one-to-one interaction that Discount Tire customers know and expect will now be supported by the new technology platform that is effectively implementing the unique Discount Tire brand experience.  

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