Digital Rebates Can Strengthen Customer Relationships and Bolster Brand Loyalty

Officials at HelloWorld, a leading digital marketing solutions provider for the world’s largest brands, are excited about their recent launch of Digital Rebates, an end-to-end solution that elevates the traditional approach to rebates into the digital era.

The new offering reduces the time-to-reward for consumers from weeks to days and creates a frictionless experience for brands and users alike. HelloWorld’s Digital Rebates can deliver quick turnaround for the consumer while providing an opportunity to build long-term consumer engagement.

Rebates allow brands to influence and attribute purchases and are a welcome incentive for consumers. Research has shown that 62 percent of consumers “always” or “often” search for rebates prior to purchase. With HelloWorld’s new offering, brands can now provide their customers a modern rebate solution as a standalone tactic, within a loyalty program, or as part of a promotion strategy.

HelloWorld’s digital-first approach allows consumers to participate at the time of purchase, reducing the time to reward from weeks to days. What’s more, it provides brands with a platform to continuously engage with customers by offering fresh incentives and content.
The Digital Rebates solution is a flexible, mobile-ready offering that can be put into market quickly. Consumers register for the rebate program, HelloWorld securely validates the purchase, and the consumer receives their rebate within a few days. The Digital Rebates solution provides brands with insight into consumer engagement while safeguarding against fraud.

Loyalty360 talked to Adam Peterson, Senior Manager, Product Marketing at HelloWorld, about Digital Rebates.

How can Digital Rebates impact the customer experience, and what are your goals from a customer engagement perspective?
Peterson: Rebates have always been a proven way to influence and attribute purchase. Digital Rebates modernize the traditional, mail-in model, providing a positive consumer experience through faster processing and payback that can be completed directly from a mobile device.

Digital Rebates provide an opportunity for brands to begin building positive interactions with their consumers while gathering insights that will be used to lay a foundation for an ongoing relationship. 

How critical is the redemption period today for consumers?
Peterson: Consumers are looking for timely feedback and information on their submission, which isn’t available in traditional programs. By managing the experience through a mobile device and shortening the rebate redemption period, Digital Rebates delivers a positive experience while ensuring that the consumer remains engaged and the brand is kept top-of-mind.

What are some of the complexities that currently impact the customer experience connected to rebates?
Peterson: Traditional rebate programs often require a consumer to complete multiple forms and follow a specific set of instructions, resulting in unclaimed rebates and a poor consumer experience.

How will Digital Rebates make that experience better?
Peterson: Digital Rebates disrupt this workflow by providing consumers with a simple, straightforward approach to submissions and rewarding that can be completed from their mobile device.

How critical is it that Digital Rebates is mobile-ready?
Peterson: Mobile accessibility is a must-have for any rebate program to stay relevant with consumers and provides flexibility to the program while delivering a positive overall experience. 

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