Dewber, a provider of a cryptocurrency loyalty offering, is looking to raise $3 million during its Initial Coin Offering / Token Generation Event. The funds will be used to continue expanding the company’s crypto-based customer rewards offering to a global audience. The company’s blockchain-based program replaces traditional loyalty points with virtual currency, known as Dewber tokens. These tokens can be earned and redeemed at any participating business.
While loyalty programs aren’t new to big businesses, small- and medium-sized enterprises such as cafés, bars, and independent retailers often find it challenging to establish customer relationships and encourage repeat visits. These types of companies can use the Dewber loyalty offering instead of investing in the creation of their own platforms. A café using Dewber can offer its customers tokens for coffee, pastry, or dessert purchases. Customers can then go on to use the earned tokens at other participating businesses. The Dewber offering is designed to help these smaller businesses improve loyalty, increase revenue, and deepen engagement.
“Through the [fundraising event], we aim to kick start Dewber as the go-to loyalty program for SMEs,” says Dewber Founder and CEO Raj Agrawal. “Traditional loyalty points are gradually becoming a thing of the past for retailers and blockchain based crypto points are the future, so it makes sense for businesses to begin incorporating Dewber crypto tokens into their loyalty ecosystem.”
He adds, “Each year 100 billion dollars of loyalty points go unclaimed across the world. By providing businesses with a loyalty program that has real utility, Dewber gives customers a real reason to keep coming back.”
In addition to the program’s flexibility, customers do not need to use a physical loyalty card to access benefits. In fact, the program is entirely digital. Customers register for the program with a mobile phone or an email ID. Customers can also scan QR codes from receipts on their mobile Dewber applications. Participating business currently include those in the restaurant, retail, salon and spa, convenience and gas, bar, pet store, café, and health and fitness industries.


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