When you talk about Delta Private Jets and Porsche, luxury never sounded so good. For consumers, this unique partnership is all about customer engagement and customer experience.

Delta Private Jets and Porsche have partnered to deliver additional high-touch care for customers. Under a new agreement, Delta Private Jets (a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines) and Porsche will coordinate their efforts to enhance the customer experience at all points on the globe.

Kelly Love, Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Delta Private Jets, told  Loyalty360 that the partnership is a direct result of common audiences.

“The partnership commenced as a result of common audiences – luxury consumers, and proceeded because of the Porsche and Delta Air Lines connection,” Love said. “Goals for customer engagement are simple: Provide a seamless travel solution that enables a traveler to experience high touch service from start to finish, including connection with not only Delta Private Jets and Delta Air Lines, but other brands that represent superior service and quality. The partnership of Porsche and Delta Private Jets, along with Delta Air Lines, is incredibly unique because of the private and commercial connection, something no other airline or private jet company can tout.”

Private-to-commercial transfer services will be available for Delta Private Jets Card members in select locations, including key Delta Air Lines North America hubs and markets in Atlanta (ATL), Detroit (DTW), Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP), Los Angeles (LAX), Salt Lake City (SLC), New York (JFK and LGA) and Seattle (SEA), as well as Greater Cincinnati (CVG – Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport), which has been Delta Private Jets’ home base for more than 30 years. Additional locations are also being considered.
Delta Private Jets is the only private jet company affiliated with a major commercial airline.

For Delta Private Jets Card members, the Porsche experience will be complimentary with a standard level of customer care. Customers expect the highest level of service with the best there is to offer, and being transferred between flights in a Porsche with no additional fees delivers.

“The Porsche and Delta Private Jets partnership enables travelers to take advantage of the private aviation operator’s affiliation with Delta Air Lines for a private and commercial travel journey, while ensuring the experience is beyond ordinary and luxurious from start to finish,” Love explained. “Customer loyalty means treating every customer as an individual, catering to his/her individual needs and desires when travelling. We focus on the personal experience, knowing the definition of success is different for each customer.” 

What’s more, Love said that Delta Private Jets officials are extremely proud to be associated with Delta Air Lines, one of the world’s largest airlines, “but we are proud of what we have accomplished in our own right. Delta Private Jets offers a unique and exquisite service in the industry and our growth and product innovation is demonstrative of our firm standing in the industry. Our partnership initiatives with high quality and superior brands like Porsche, GoGo, American Express, and the NFLPA, to name a few, enable us to continuously enhance our customer care and premium travel solutions.”  

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