Expert advice to CEOs, VOC, customer experience and customer feedback professionals on building a modern Voice of Customer program

Learn how to identify customer insights and create measurable business outcomes in a new ebook entitled Delivering Customer Intelligence. Published by Allegiance, the complimentary ebook includes expert advice, best practices and case studies on linking customer experience metrics to actionable data to create a positive return-on-investment. Download a copy at

Voice of Customer (VOC) is the convergence of customer experience, surveys, feedback management, analytics and market research relating to customer retention, loyalty and satisfaction. The chapters in this book demonstrate how companies can use VOC programs to connect what customers say with what the actually do and deliver insights to employees who can take action to improve the customer experience.

Chapters in Delivering Customer Intelligence include:

·       Why Voice of Customer? Why Should We Have a VOC Program at All? – Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Peppers & Rogers Group

·       Customer Experience: Latest Fad or Lasting Discipline– Andrew McInnes, Director of Product Marketing, Allegiance

·       What Stats Drive Your Business – Jim Bampos, Vice President of Customer Quality, EMC Corporation

·       Analyzing Big Data Using a Customer-Centric Approach– Bob E. Hayes, Ph.D., Chief Customer Officer, TCELab

·       Navigating the Waters of Customer Loyalty – Jennifer Beyer, VP of Best Practices, Allegiance

“Metrics and analytics are so important for the success of any Voice of Customer effort. You need to quantify the likely future rewards of the insights you gain from listening to your customers today,” said  Don Peppers, founding partner, Peppers & Rogers Group. “This book provides the expert advice companies need to be successful in that endeavor.”

To view the complete table of contents, read excerpts, or to download a complimentary copy of Delivering Customer Intelligence from Allegiance, visit

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Allegiance, Inc. helps companies translate customer insights into actionable business intelligence. Using Voice of Customer intelligence (VOCi™), Allegiance combines any form of Voice of the Customer(VOC) data with any operational data (CRM, financial, etc.) to create actionable customer intelligence delivered in the cloud. Allegiance multi-channel, 360 degree feedback collection includes ad-hoc, transaction, relationship, and customer experience surveys, solicited feedback through Web sites and phone, and unsolicited, unstructured feedback from social media. Allegiance ranked No. 5 on the Inc.500 list of fastest-growing private software companies in 2009, and was named a “Top 10” by Software 500 in 2010. For more information about Allegiance, visit

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