Multichannel CXLoyalty marketers everywhere, ideally, want to always provide a seamless, personalized, multichannel customer experience. Evergage, a leading provider of real-time personalization, recently unveiled Evergage for Mobile Apps.

This new solution shines light on mobile app user behavior and provides actionable, real-time information so digital marketers can better engage users with relevant, personalized experiences. 

T.J. Prebil, product marketing manager for Evergage, talked to Loyalty360 about this exciting new offering.

How will this new solution impact customer experience, customer engagement, and ultimately, brand loyalty?

Consumers want and respond to experiences that are oriented to their individual interests and preferences. The more a retailer–or any company for that matter–can uniquely engage each and every customer, the more likely they’ll aid in the shopping or research process, build trust and improve their chances of repeat business. This is not only supported by our findings in working with customers but also in recent industry research that suggests organizations that invest in online personalization will outsell those who haven’t by more than 30%.

Recognizing the value of personalizing user experiences, and that mobile traffic is expected to triple by 2018, Evergage developed Evergage for Mobile Apps. This new solution extends the core functionalities of Evergage to mobile apps so companies can deliver consistent, personalized multichannel experiences. Now, regardless of whether a customer is shopping online or via a mobile app, their actions, interests and history can be factored into a seamless and consistent experience across all channels.

What makes it unique?Mobile App CX

Evergage for Mobile Apps was developed–and is managed– entirely in-house by Evergage engineers. As such, all data, be it mobile app or Web interactions, resides in a single, actionable data store. This is very different than similar industry offerings, which are powered by third-party integrations and require two separate environments and logins to manage cross-channel personalization.

For marketers, this means that behavioral data collected when a customer uses their mobile app is immediately available to personalize an experience on a mobile app, a Web application or the company’s website–or vice versa. There is no lag time. By logging in to the Evergage Platform, marketers can access analytics data, build campaigns and deliver individualized customer experiences to Web and mobile app channels–all in real time.

Why should brands pursue mobile apps to enhance engagement?

Smartphones are incredibly personal and individuals tend to be selective of what apps they install. It may sound silly, but a company should be honored if a customer chooses to download and install their app. Essentially, that individual has indicated that you’re a company they’d like to maintain a close relationship with.

Given this, and provided there is so much you can learn about a customer based on his or her interactions with your company on digital channels, why wouldn’t you want to leverage an opportunity to build a deeper understanding of your customer’s needs? It will help you improve your chances of increasing conversions and achieving other desired objectives.

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