Customer is Center of the Universe at Wholly Guacamole

Placing the customer first is the most important thing a brand can do in today’s omni-channel marketing world and this approach can result in extraordinary two-way conversations with customers, resulting in invaluable insight that can be implemented and boost your bottom line.

Creating memorable and lasting customer experiences can only be achieved if brands first listen to their customers effectively, take those invaluable insights, and incorporate them into actionable marketing plans that lead to relevant and personalized connections with customers.

A prime example of a company that listens to its customers effectively while providing great experiences is Fresherized Foods – home of the Wholly Guacamole and Wholly Salsa brands.

By truly listening to its customers, especially through social media, Wholly Guacamole has soared to new heights in the past six years amid a rebranding process that has resulted in superior name recognition and fiscal success.


Tracey Altman, Vice President of Marketing and Product Development for Fresherized Foods, shared an experience at a recent conference that left her a stunned, but reinforced her brand’s laser-focus commitment to the customer.


Altman attended a session at the conference and asked the featured speaker a question after his presentation – sharing with him the fact that Wholly Guacamole involves its customer base in nearly every company decision.


After Altman asked her question, the speaker retorted: “We marketers have to own our brands, not the consumer.” Altman said she sat down “dumbfounded” and discussed the speaker’s response with other attendees at her table.


Not only do brands crave loyalty from their customers, a major trend now is for brands to show that same loyalty to their customers. And that is what Wholly Guacamole is all about.


“It drives me crazy,” Altman told Loyalty 360. “The customer should be the center of the marketing world. Having the consumer be part of that is exciting. Now we have to balance what the consumer wants and needs with trends and things consumers cannot articulate. Having the consumer on your Board of Advisers helps with brand extendability, research, and making sure the brand continues to be relevant.”


Wholly Guacamole owes so much of its burgeoning success to the power of social media, Altman said. Just how large a role does social media play for Wholly Guacamole?


“It has been a key component for the past six years,” Altman said. “We integrate it into every program as well as planning. We are a brand of the people so it means a lot to our current and future strategy.”


To read more about Wholly Guacamole’s fascinating story, read the Q3 issue of Loyalty Management Magazine.

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