Wholly Guacamole Customer ExperienceThere is no I in team at Wholly Guacamole because the entire organization exudes exemplary customer service that leads to heighted customer engagement, customer experience, and brand loyalty.

Tara Murray, Wholly Guacamole’s Brand Manager, sat down with Loyalty360 for a riveting interview about customer experience and customer loyalty.

Who is the champion of Customer Experience at Wholly Guacamole?

The Champion of Customer experience at Wholly Guacamole® is our customer service team. Our team answers all customer communication−the good, the bad, and the ugly from our online ticket system, social media, snail mail, and phone within 24 to 48 hours. While we are a light-hearted and fun brand, we are still very serious about our product, and believe that each customer deserves a well thought-out personal response. The goal is for the Wholly Guacamole Customer Experiencecustomer to always leave each conversation happier and more in love with our brand then when they wrote/called in.

How do you define CX?

Customer experience is how our consumers perceive their interactions with Wholly Guacamole®. Did they find it useful, was the information given usable, did they enjoy the interaction, and was our brand promise fulfilled. All of these questions are key in making sure that their customer experience is a good one, and that we create brand advocates instead of brand distrust.

How do you measure the effectiveness / efficacy of the program?

Wholly Guacamole® has a few ways that we measure the effectiveness/efficacy of our customer experience program. Our customer service team produces reports each month that let the company know what customers love, what they hate, and what issues have occurred. These reports help to let us know what to keep doing, what we need to work on, and help keep our plants aware of issues that are happening so they can be fixed immediately. Being able to point out and address issues and loves in such a short amount of time helps to better our business and continue to grow our customer base.

The effectiveness of this is seen across our social platforms where upset customers have been turned around and are now posting pictures of the handwritten card they received, or the prize pack that showed up on their front door. In a world of over-sharing, it’s always nice to have something nice shared about your brand rather than a negative. 

How does the “Voice of the Customer feedback” impact your customer experiences?

Consumers at Wholly Guacamole® want to know that they are important and valued. We do this by our quick personal responses and the value we place on our fans as partners in our business. At the end of the day, it is all about being human and understanding that they want to be heard and to feel like their opinion matters. ​

Is the basis of your CX strategy short-term, medium, longer term or all three?

Our Customer Experience strategy is both short and long-term. Short term because of the time it takes to respond to the customer. All responses are made within 24-48 hours and by doing so it shows the consumer we really care about their issue or their love for Wholly™. Long term because of the relationships we create with our customers. The words we choose and the personal touch of each correspondence creates lasting love of not only our products but also our brand. In turn creating brand advocates. ​

Is the measurement process for efficacy different based on the term?

Yes and No. Our main goal, no matter the term, is for the consumer to walk away from our conversation feeling better about Wholly™ then when it started. We want our fans to feel like they are part of our business and that their opinions do matter to us. We do this by making sure we are answering them in a short amount of time, and by giving them a quick, well thought out human response. By doing this, it helps to create a genuine relationship with consumers and turns them into brand advocates and lifelong customers.

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