Customer Engagement Rises with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health Plan

University of Pittsburgh Health PlanCustomer engagement levels have been raised for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health Plan since its collaboration with Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories.

Recently, a UPMC customer care agent received a phone call that, at first, seemed like another general coverage question. But, after the addressed the member’s initial inquiry, something extraordinary happened. 

UPMC’s customer service technology, developed by Genesys, alerted the agent that the member was overdue for her annual mammogram. This was unknown to the woman, who also welcomed the agent’s assistance with scheduling an appointment with her doctor. Subsequently, a malignant tumor was detected during that appointment and devastating illness was avoided because of one customer service agent.

Loyalty360 caught up with Francine Moore, Senior Account Executive at Genesys, to discuss this customer engagement digital technology and how it impacts the customer experience.

When did the UPMC program start using the Genesys solutions?

We’ve been on a journey with UPMC Health Plan since they began using our technology in 2009. Since then, the organization has continued to leverage this initial investment in our technology to improve and expand its award-winning customer service program.

What factors prompted this partnership?

When UPMC Health Plan decided to turn to Genesys a few years ago, the challenges it faced were clear. The customer segment responsible for generating 25% of its business was absorbing 45% of contact center resources. Moreover, it needed to more easily and responsively contact patients to ensure they were receiving the care, services, and guidance they needed.UPMC

Most importantly, UPMC Health Plan wanted to differentiate its business, service, and level of CX in a complex healthcare marketplace by embracing digital technologies that would forge a new level of customer engagement.

What are the goals for the program from a customer engagement/experience/loyalty standpoint?

The goal for the program is multi-faceted. First and foremost, UPMC Health Plan’s brand promise and brand strategy is to protect its member base. It order to deliver on this goal, the organization relies on its acclaimed Health Care Concierge team, powered by Genesys’ technology, to proactively ensure its members are receiving the care and services they need. By helping its members enjoy a healthier life, UPMC Health Plan has been able to remain true to its deeply human, patient-focused philosophy and lower its overall cost of care.

What has been the customer feedback since the inception of this technology through the program?

Since implementing the Genesys omnichannel system, UPMC has been able to add and improve both customer engagement and internal processes, including achieving over 96% ranking in first-contact resolution. Additional metrics include 96% overall multichannel satisfaction; 95% Agent multichannel knowledge; 93% chat satisfaction.

Would you call it a loyalty program?

UPMC Health Plan’s Health Care Concierge is a high-touch, wellness and an excellence in service program. The program strives to deliver fast, personal service not only to employees who the organization insures, but also to commercial companies who have signed up for their service. Although the Health Care Concierge’s proactive communication can mimic frequent customer outreach seen in a traditional loyalty program, it is members’ overall satisfaction with its service that have converted many in to long-term, loyal customers.

How do you define customer loyalty and has that definition changed or evolved in recent years?

Customer or member loyalty can be framed in terms of proactive outreach and personalized interactions. Over the years, UPMC Health Plan has internalized the above to nurture member loyalty and therefore differentiate itself in a competitive marketplace, increase its market share, and grow its member base. Additionally, this evolution has been recognized by several prestigious organizations and awards, most recently by J.D. Power, the Stevie Awards, and the International Customer Management Institute.

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