Personalized online videoOnline video is becoming an increasingly effective strategy for customer engagement marketers. However, it is true that the fragmented attention spans of an online audience can sometimes last only seconds, and this still presents a considerable challenge. But many marketers are starting to use personalized videos that combine customization to increase customer engagement.

These personalized videos deliver relevant messages across the entire life cycle of many different customers, and they are beginning to permeate the boundaries of almost all entrepreneurial sectors including insurance, banking, utilities, telecom, and travel industries.

In an effort to capitalize on this burgeoning effectiveness, Creative House and Pro-Commerce have recently partnered to deliver this personal video technology to Italian businesses.

Creative House, a sophisticated video production and marketing agency that helps brands embrace changing needs and evolving trends to engage customers, has chosen

Pro-Commerce, a digital channel and customer experience optimization platform, to bring personalized videos to Milan.

The move comes after similar personalized marketing videos had already been successful in London, Madrid, Paris, Seoul, and Tel-Aviv.

"We are excited by the new collaboration with Pro-Commerce as well as the opportunity to introduce personal video into the Italian market," says Lotan Morad, CEO Creative House Group.Creative House online video

By analyzing and integrating consumer data to create a near infinite number of personalized videos for a dynamic range of individuals, the new partnership between Creative House and Pro-Commerce hopes to enhance the meaningful and emotional connections that can build deeper relationships and generate brand loyalty.

Research has already proven this to be the case with past marketing initiatives. After being introduced to personalized video campaigns, 78% of consumers have reported feeling a more profound connection with a brand. Furthermore, in some cases, such marketing efforts have also successfully doubled and tripled conversion rates.

Pro-commerce believes that this is due to the ability of these videos to bring consumers a high degree of self-actualization, while also avoiding the commercialized objectifying nature of some advertising messages.

"All marketers today seek personalization through digital, as a key to talk directly with customers by treating them as people and not as a 'targets'," says Giovanni Pola, Founder and CEO of Pro-Commerce.

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