Given the availability of omnichannel shopping solutions today, consumers expect nothing less than a truly seamless experience when moving between devices. Crate and Barrel, a leading retailer of home furnishings, has taken these expectations to heart and forged a new partnership with Moxie Software to fulfill the engagement demands of modern shoppers.
Through the collaboration, Crate and Barrel shoppers will be offered enhanced engagement options when shopping online with both the flagship brand as well as CB2 and The Land of Nod, which also fall under the Crate and Barrel brand.
“Seeing our mobile traffic grow nearly 30% year-over-year, with more and more of our customers shopping on tablets and mobile devices, our goal was to select an application that offered a superior mobile experience,” said Joan King, Vice President of Ecommerce for Crate and Barrel. “It was also critical that the solution be easy to use and administer for our business users. Moxie provides comprehensive reporting so that we now have visibility into both the context of customer communication and the effectiveness of digital channels.”
Maybe most crucial to the deal is Moxie Concierge. The platform equips brands with the tools necessary to engage customers with personalized messaging across multiple channels.
“We are thrilled to help increase mobile commerce for globally recognized retailers like Crate and Barrel, as well as banking, travel and healthcare companies,” said Rebecca Ward, President and CEO of Moxie.
With the technology, Crate and Barrel hopes to eliminates much of the friction that occurs along the customer journey as a result of disjointed data, inadequate engagement tools, and a general inability to track customers. By overcoming these common hurdles, Crate and Barrel expects to see a notable impact on revenue and overall customer experience.
The home furniture industry is characterized by its frequent sales and long purchasing cycle. With new technology added to its arsenal, Crate and Barrel hopes to leverage omnichannel customer engagement to set itself apart from the rest of the vertical.

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