The most famous loyalty programs in the world differ in many ways: Some are based solely on points while others make use of surprise & delight, some reward based on engagement with the brand, while others award based on dollars spent. What these programs have in common, however, is the fact that they’re targeted directly to consumers. These B2C programs earn much of the praise in customer loyalty, and B2B programs often go unrecognized for overcoming unique challenges with innovative reward mixes.
CPG Building Products provided another example of these unconventional programs on June 16 when it launched CPG Pro, aimed at rewarding the building product manufacturer’s more than 8,000 contractors.
“We believe that contractors loyal to our products deserve perks for being great brand advocates, so we have worked diligently to improve our loyalty program,” said Jason Grommon, president of CPG Building Products. “We've designed the new CPG Pro Loyalty Program with more incentives than ever before and will continue adding features to keep our contractor partners engaged.”
Because the program serves the contractor as opposed to the end user, more consideration must be made toward devising rewards that are beneficial for two levels of the consumer journey. While a B2C loyalty program may partner with retailers to build a desirable reward mix, CPG Pro is going in a different direction, offering contractors additional opportunities to increase business. These point redemption options include things like tools, yard signs, and customized promotional material. The program even makes use of a tiered reward feature: As contractors earn additional certifications through sponsored trainings, they’re able to earn additional points and opportunities.
One of the strengths of CPG Pro is the options through which contractors can earn points: The program incorporates multiple brands that also count toward users’ point totals.
“For our CPG Pro members, a major strength of this program is the ability to earn rewards for using either the AZEK or TimberTech brand,” Grommon added. “This means there are even more products that a contractor can sell and, in return, earn rewards from those sales. We believe that by introducing this exciting, new program, we will see the number of people who have signed up for our one-of-a-kind rewards program continue to grow.”

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