More Than One-Third of Men Wouldn’t Mind Trading Non-Personal     Information for Ads More Relevant to Their Interests

BURLINGTON, Mass.—Burst Media,      a leading seller of targeted Internet audiences to brand and performance     advertisers, today released the results of a consumer sentiment survey     on Internet privacy and dynamic ads – ads tailored for the individual     viewer based on a profile or past web surfing behavior. Administered in     late November to more than 1,600 U.S. adults aged 18 years or older, the     online survey found the majority (78.2%) of respondents recall seeing     online ads that appeared to be tailored to them based on a previous     visit to the advertiser website. One-third (34.2%) of respondents who     recall seeing a dynamic ad say they dislike them while one-quarter     (27.7%) say they like them, and 38.1% had no opinion.

Among respondents who dislike dynamic ads, the reason most often cited     for their negative feelings is that the ads are “annoying and     distracting” (54.9%). Other reasons cited include: ads usually feature a     product the user is not interested in (38.2%), ads infringe on privacy     (33.4%) and ads follow the user around the web (27.5%). The study also     found considerable differences between age segments and perceptions of     dynamic ads: one-third (35.2%) of respondents aged 18-34 years “like”      dynamic ads compared to one-quarter (25.1%) of respondents aged 35-54     years and 16.7% of respondents 55 or older.

For the most part, dynamic ads have little impact on a consumer’s     opinion about the specific company and/or product being advertised.      Overall, only 17.4% of respondents say they have a better impression of     the company or product as a result of seeing a dynamic ad after a     previous visit to the advertiser’s website, and 10.9% have a worse     opinion. Interestingly, men are significantly more likely than women     (23.2% vs. 11.6%) to have a better impression of a company or product     after seeing an ad tailored to them based on a previous visit to the     advertiser’s website.

Surprisingly, more than one-quarter (28.4%) of respondents say they     would not mind if a website tracked and stored non-personally     identifiable information (non-PII) if it meant they would see     advertising more relevant to their interests. Nearly one-half (47.9%) of     respondents say they object. Men are much more likely than women to     approve of a website using non-PII for targeting purposes: 37.3% vs.      19.8%.

“With ubiquitous media coverage and government attention towards     Internet privacy and security, consumers are more aware than ever that     what they do online may be tracked in one form or another,” said David     Stein, Chief Technology Officer at Burst Media. “Online advertisers can     respond by ensuring their messages are relevant to their target     audience. When a consumer sees an advertising message at the right     place, at the right time and in the most relevant context, brands are     best positioned to instill trust and action. Equally, web publishers     must commit to consumer privacy and make certain a fully-fleshed out     privacy policy is current and relevant to the needs of the audience.”

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An online media and technology company founded in 1995, Burst Media (      is a leading seller of vertically targeted audiences found in the long     tail of the Internet. By working together with web publishers and     advertisers, the company leverages the value of rich long tail content     to enable brands to reach loyal, highly segmented audiences in a     brand-safe and quality-assured environment. Through its media divisions     Burst Network, Burst Direct and Giant Realm, the company represents one     of the broadest and deepest offerings of interest-based websites. Burst     also markets its ad management platform, adConductor™, which empowers     content websites, online ad networks and web portals to manage the     complete process of ad sales and service. Burst Media is headquartered     in Burlington, Massachusetts, with offices throughout the United States     and in London. For more information, visit or call 781.272.5544.

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