Despite constant reminders from Social Media experts for Companies to draft sensible Social Media strategies, there are still many Companies that choose to use Social Media without any strategy at all

In a new study conducted by Digital Brand Expressions, a marketing firm, it was revealed that 78% of those surveyed used social media for their business and 69% of the social media users did not have any strategy for using social media in their business.  Only 41% said they had any strategic plan for using social media for marketing or customer interaction.  This means a larger percentage of the users of social media are winging it.

According to the study, 94% of those who use social media use them for marketing, 71% have factored in public relations into their social media use while 55% use social media for sales.

Winging it is not always bad for business. If you run a relatively small business, you can choose to develop a sensible strategy as you go along. If you work in a niche industry and your services are not offered by a lot of companies, then it becomes easier to offer a personalized approach to social media marketing.

But it really makes sense for companies to…

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