Cision’s Acquisition Helps Bolster Customer Engagement, Earned Media Cloud Platform

Cision recently acquired Bulletin Intelligence, which has written the daily White House News Summary for the Executive Office of the President since 2001, and which also provides custom, expert-curated executive briefings to the CEOs and C-suites of many of the nation’s largest businesses.

The acquisition follows Cision’s announcement to go public via a business combination with Capitol Acquisition Corp. III and expands the company’s ability to deliver actionable intelligence to senior leadership teams.

Bulletin Intelligence’s expert analysts deliver highly-customized must-read briefings to closed audiences first thing each business morning, providing a comprehensive view of news and other competitive intelligence to highest-level corporate and government leaders. Bulletin’s accompanying predictive media analytics captures and measures the sentiment from news and social media channels, helping brands and executives understand the opinions of customers, investors, and regulators across the world.

“For Cision, this acquisition is the next step toward building the world’s most complete earned media cloud platform, enhanced by analyst services,” Cision CEO Kevin Akeroyd told Loyalty360. “Bulletin Intelligence will align with Cision’s global team of analysts, creating the opportunity to be the world’s largest expert-driven platform for insights and intelligence for business and world leaders. In short, this extends Cision’s Services offering to Strategic Intelligence Daily Briefings and bolsters our insights and analyst services.” 

Akeroyd said that day-to-day operations at Bulletin Intelligence and Cision will not be affected at this time. Bulletin Intelligence’s customer service, strong platform, and network of deeply experienced analysts will continue to operate as normal.

“Cision looks forward to continuing the relationships Bulletin Intelligence has forged over the years with multinational corporations, the White House, and major federal agencies/departments to ensure they’re getting the best analysis possible and responding to their evolving needs,” Akeroyd explained. “The loyalty of these clients is based on the world-class, white-glove service Bulletin Intelligence has provided and we don’t intend on changing that.” 

Today, world-class means delivering the best-in-class platform for automation plus a world-class team of analysts to deliver in-depth insights, Akeroyd noted.

“Platform only or analysts only are susceptible to missing information the other may uncover, which signals that today’s world requires both,” he added. “That’s why we invested in Bulletin Intelligence and integrating software capabilities with our professional services arm, the Cision Insights team, to develop custom reporting and analysis about how earned media impacts business results. Both Cision and Bulletin Intelligence believe that today’s business leaders are crafting communications and making real-time decisions in an incredibly complex environment. We both believe that these communications and decisions need to be data-driven and we also both believe that modern, integrated, comprehensive technology plus industry expert analysts deliver the right balance of scale and insight needed to support today’s business leaders when it comes to their earned media strategies.” 

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