Free Smartphone App Lets Local Businesses Reward Patron Loyalty by Offering Cool Freebies and Discounts for Earning Points at Their Venues

SAN MATEO, CA—(Aug 17, 2011) -  Chatterfly, a leader in the growing digital loyalty space, today announced the official launch of its mobile loyalty rewards platform for local businesses and consumers. The Chatterfly app eliminates the hassle of traditional paper loyalty cards by simplifying the experience with the use of a smartphone. Chatterfly creates a neighborhood rewards program by allowing shoppers to earn points towards exclusive rewards and deep discounts for purchases and for sharing their experience on their social networks. So think frequent flyer miles but for local neighborhood commerce.

Local businesses benefit from Chatterfly by being able to socially engage with their loyal customers and reward them for both purchases and drawing attention to their store resulting in increased frequency of visits and new repeat customers. For example, shoppers can earn points for making purchases or for sharing an experience on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Google+.

The app also adds a whole new dimension to in-store promotion by utilizing smartphone camera features to scan QR codes for purchase verification and to host fun activities like scavenger hunts. A local spa, for example, could offer a free day spa package and dinner for two to the first visitor who finds a special object placed in the store,  snaps a photo of it, and posts it to Facebook. Or that same spa could keep it simple by offering a 400 point reward, which can be viewed by all Chatterfly users giving first-time patrons added incentive to visit.

“We go above and beyond the digital loyalty card play. We’re about supporting the local business community and rewarding shoppers for their support,” said Charles M. Yim, founder and CEO of Chatterfly.  “For consumers, the benefit is that you can access a majority of the loyalty reward programs in your neighborhood with the convenience of a smartphone, enhancing the shopping experience in a fun and exciting way.  Unlike many deal-of-the-day programs like Groupon or LivingSocial that focus on short term gratification, Chatterfly is focused on the long-term, rewarding repeat customers for loyalty and encouraging friends and family to join in.”

After seeing overwhelmingly positive results during Beta testing, the Chatterfly network continues to gain traction in the San Francisco Bay Area and has begun signing up businesses in other states as well.

“Besides making it fun for patrons to earn points and cool rewards, business owners will love the fact that Chatterfly can track back the exact number of shoppers that were driven to the store, so they know how it directly impacts their bottom line. We have set out to redefine the perception of customer loyalty by quantifying the impact of socializing shopping and entertainment experiences within local communities,” added Yim.

The Chatterfly app is available now for the Apple iPhone and Android. Additional versions for the BlackBerry and Palm are coming soon. To download go to Local businesses interested in signing up for Chatterfly’s mobile rewards program please visit or call (877) 391-8992.

About Chatterfly
Chatterfly is a pioneer in the growing online customer loyalty space fusing elements of the real world and the endless possibilities of the Internet. The Chatterfly smartphone app and patent pending system allows consumers to earn points towards exclusive rewards for visiting favorite local businesses and sharing the experience with family and friends. In addition, Chatterfly notifies consumers of cool rewards and recommends the best local hotspots such as hotels,  restaurants and shops when visiting other areas. Businesses benefit by closely engaging with their loyal army of followers, commending them for spreading the word through social media. For more information visit

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