Chase Launches Chase Media Solutions, Leverages Data Analytics To Empower Personalization Efforts

Chase announced the launch of Chase Media Solutions, the first and only bank-led digital media venture of its kind. The initiative connects Chase’s 80 million U.S. consumers with various brands through personalized offers and cash-back opportunities. The platform leverages the bank’s vast first-party financial data, insights, and precision targeting capabilities to help brands drive sales and grow their business. 

“Our deep understanding of consumer spending across categories has driven us to reimagine what retail media networks can offer,” said Rich Muhlstock, President of Chase Media Solutions. “Like retailers, we have first-party data and a dedicated audience. But what sets us apart is the unrivaled scale and insights from our customers — having long served as a trusted guide for their financial decisions. Chase reaches across brands, merchants, and shopping verticals, providing a comprehensive view of purchase behavior; this strengthens the degree of personalization, helping brands deliver offers that stoke consumer interests.” 

Chase Media Solutions emerged following the integration of Figg, a card-linked marketing platform acquired in 2022 by Chase’s parent company, JPMorgan Chase & Co. Key advantages of Chase Media Solutions include: 

  • First-party data: Brands can target Chase’s extensive customer base based on detailed purchase history, improving media campaign results. 

  • Improved ROI and attribution: The platform promises clearer attribution for marketing spend and the ability to track incremental sales both online and in-store. 

  • Trust and brand safety: Built on Chase’s longstanding reputation, the platform ensures a safe and reliable environment for brands to engage consumers. 

The initial rollout has already demonstrated promising results. In a pilot program involving Air Canada, Blue Bottle, Solo Stove, and Whataburger, Chase designed 30-day campaigns that significantly boosted sales and attracted new customers.  

“The Chase team succeeded in creating a thoughtful, targeted offer that exceeded our expectations,” said Scott O’Leary, Vice President of Loyalty and Product for Air Canada. “Two distinct offer constructs drove incremental revenue and awareness for Air Canada amongst Chase’s cardmember base. These tests clearly demonstrated the potential of the Chase Media Solutions channel, and we look forward to working together more in the future.” 

Learn more about Chase Media Solutions by visiting its new webpage here: 


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