Celltick, a global leader in mobile initiated commerce, today announced that it has been selected as the winner in the Mobile Coupon category by a panel of eminent judges in this year’s Future Mobile Awards given by Juniper Research. The award recognizes Celltick for making outstanding contributions to the future of mobile commerce.

Celltick provides coupons for physical goods and services to consumers globally on the home screens of consumers’ handsets based on location, preferences, behavior and purchase patterns. More than 50 mobile operators worldwide have deployed Celltick’s LiveScreen and Active for Android, enabling billions of annual transactions. Through its Real Time Coupon Server, Celltick aids merchants to offer daily values for customers in various countries. The company sells millions of coupons on a monthly basis.

“We are honored to be chosen for this award by Juniper Research, the premier research organization in this field,” says Celltick CEO Ronen Daniel. “Celltick has been taking an innovative approach that is adapted to the cultures of different geographies to make mobile initiated commerce a reality through mobile coupons. It’s an exciting time for us. We have are seeing tremendous growth in the sales of mobile coupons across multiple geographies. We are now selling millions of coupons every month to consumers. We have a team of dedicated people making this vision a reality. I am accepting this award on their behalf as well.”

The Future Mobile Awards are given to companies that have made a significant contribution to their sector during the previous year, and are poised to have considerable market influence in the future. The awards are decided by a panel of judges based on a number of criteria, including product features, user benefits, innovation, commercial partnerships, compliance, certification and future business prospects. Winners are then chosen from a select group of nominees based on the aforementioned merits.

For more information on The Future Mobile Awards, visit: http://www.juniperresearch.com/award.php

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