Two Leading Companies Go Live with Innovative Loyalty Rewards Marketing

Orlando, FL. (June 7, 2010) – Today at the Loyalty Expo, FreeCause Inc. announced the launch of two new clients. Each client is a leader in their respective field and both have the common need to increase the reach and usage of their loyalty rewards programs.

“We needed an innovative engagement solution that allowed us to effectively and affordably launch all of our schools,” said Eric Foote, Senior Director, Development. “In less than 30 days, we were able to launch twenty-five of our top schools and have since added several more to that list. And the best part is that we’re able to monitor activity and improve features and communications as we learn more about what the fans want.”

CBS uses FreeCause’s complete Loyalty Rewards Suite, which includes the Affinity Toolbar, Rewards Shopping Mall, Web Search Feed and Dynamic Notification System, to maintain fan spirit even in the off season. Live scores, messages from the teams and special offers drive fans back to the team sites and stimulate participation offline events.

Nectar relies on the Affinity Toolbar to boost member participation by proactively bringing reward earning offers to their collectors, increasing the participation of their most active collectors and reengaging those collectors that have been less active. The Toolbar also helps Nectar fulfill their mission to expand the ways in which their collectors can earn Nectar points by offering web search as a new way to collect points.

“The Nectar Toolbar just launched and already we are seeing an increase in usage with our collectors,” said Maureen McDonagh, Head of eCommerce at Nectar. “We are aware that our collectors aren’t always aware of all the places they can collect Nectar points and the Toolbar helps us solve that problem.”

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FreeCause is full service technology and marketing firm that develops and enhances loyalty rewards programs for major brands, airlines, hotels, sports teams and nonprofits. Headquartered in Boston, MA we offer a comprehensive portfolio of market-leading technology and expertise that allows organizations to accelerate lasting, profitable relationships with their customers and supporters. With more than 10 million subscribers, our advanced loyalty and engagement solutions drive user behavior and strengthen brand loyalty while simultaneously generating new revenue streams for organizations through our extensive network of merchants and partners. FreeCause is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rakuten, Inc.

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