Canon Seeks to Strengthen Data Security

Data breaches undermine consumer trust. Unfortunately, these breaches were all over the news in 2018, many of them affecting major brands and their consumers. As a result, data security is now as much a concern in the loyalty space as rewards, since cultivating customer loyalty is virtually impossible when consumers don’t trust you with their personal information.
In this environment, Canon U.S.A., a brand specializing in digital imaging solutions, has released its third generation of imageRUNNER ADVANCE multifunction printers.  These printers feature Security Information Event Management (SIEM) integration and other cybersecurity enhancements that enable efficient activity monitoring and threat detection. These enhancements extend beyond traditional multifunction printer security features designed to help prevent unauthorized access to organizational assets. The solutions expand Canon’s existing focus on reliability and workflow efficiency.
“Enterprises are in a transformative time, and the harsh reality is that with such disruptive innovation can come hacks, data attacks, and other security vulnerabilities that pose risks to an organization’s confidential information,” says Shinichi Yoshida, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Canon U.S.A. “We integrated new security features at the design level of the new imageRUNNER ADVANCE models to help equip our customers with a comprehensive enterprise solution that can help improve business efficiency.”
This is the first line of multifunction printers from Canon to incorporate SIEM integration. SIEM solutions collect and analyze machine data from across an organization’s IT environment to provide organizations with real-time indicators of potential security violations. Many organizations currently relying on SIEM systems are either manually importing data from their printers into SIEM, or not including their printers in SIEM monitoring at all.
The new product series makes it possible to include printers in a company’s existing comprehensive security monitoring. Additional security features include Verify System at Startup, a process of utilizing a Root of Trust (RoT) to help protect the device boot code, firmware, and applications from unauthorized modification. Automatic security certificate updates help reduce the burden on IT teams.
In the coming months, Canon plans to develop in the information security market landscape by continuing to enhance its product integration in areas such as runtime detection. With business strategies favoring higher levels of productivity, Canon builds on its workflow efficiency with this launch. The new lineup includes improved accuracy for better data records and an intuitive user experience. The new home screen can help employees stay organized and the timeline feature can recall previous jobs by user.
“It is our intention that continuous development of the imageRUNNER ADVANCE portfolio through ongoing product updates, new features through our Unified Firmware Platform, and tight collaboration with solutions like uniFLOW Online can help secure and improve customer document workflows now, and into the Office of the Future,” says Yoshida.

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