Canadians Show Far More Brand Loyalty than Americans

When it comes to brand loyalty, this was no contest. Canadians are far ahead of Americans in that department.

A staggering 86% of Canadians participate in a loyalty program, according to’s Consumer Loyalty Survey that examined thoughts and behaviors toward brand loyalty programs among Canadians and Americans. Conversely, only 36% of Americans participate in brand loyalty programs.

Here are some key survey findings regarding Canadian Loyalty:

Most Canadians (73%) are conservative in the number of loyalty programs they join, committing to five or less

The perks offered through loyalty programs were the primary draw for signups at 67%

Speaking of perks, the favorite was free products/services at 75% with exclusive promotions trailing a distant second at 16%

Grocery and drugstore chains had the highest brand loyalty at 58%, followed by travel services (airlines or hotels) at 15%

Regardless of the program, most Canadians (63%) are not willing to pay higher prices for goods or services in exchange for brand loyalty program benefits

When it comes to travel, airline programs dominated with 52% of Canadians belonging to an air travel program, followed by hotel chains at 31%

Just 17% of Canadians indicated they are members of an online travel loyalty program

The survey polled 730 Canadians across the country.

Here are some key survey findings regarding Americans:

Adults (35-44) are most likely to take advantage of loyalty program benefits, with 39% of participants polled saying they are enrolled in up to five different programs

Perks (31%) – not convenience (10%), associated costs/fees (5%) or brand loyalty (2%) – represent the largest motivational factor for joining loyalty programs

Free products/services (63%) and exclusive promotions (24%) are the most popular perks

Grocery and drugstore chain loyalty programs are the most popular with nearly a third (32%) saying they have a loyalty membership in this category

Travel-related loyalty programs are the second most popular with 24% belonging to at least one brand’s program.

Airline (17%) and hotel (15%) loyalty programs led the way in the travel category

The Consumer Loyalty Survey was distributed via Google Consumer Surveys and completed on Oct. 11, 2013. The survey polled 700 Americans across the country.

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