Already an immensely powerful brand in casual dining, Buffalo Wild Wings continued its growth today with the nationwide launch of its new Blazin’ Rewards loyalty program.
At a glance, the program is a simple earn-and-burn structure that rewards members for repeat visits but, like the brand’s trademark wings, add a special spice to an old favorite. In addition to awarding points for spend (every $10 earns 100 points), the company is aiming to boost engagement and mid-day business by offering bonuses for completing a profile on the website or app, checking into a Buffalo Wild Wings, or through repeat lunch visits at the chain. Interestingly, the app also gives bonus points for checking in as a group, with each member using the same uniquely generated code for an additional 10 points per person.
While the program was launched nationwide on Monday, select markets have already been using Blazin’ Rewards through a pilot program that already boasts 2 million members. Points can be spent on the company’s Rewards Roster, which features items from the menu including favorites like the cheddar cheese curds (750 points), a small order of boneless wings (1400 points), and even bottles of the chain’s signature sauces (a steal at 600 points!)
“As the sports fan’s biggest fan, the Blazin’ Rewards loyalty program was designed to thank and continually reward our passionate fans,” said Bob Ruhland, vice president of marketing for Buffalo Wild Wings. “We’ve seen positive engagement rolling out Blazin’ Rewards in select markets so far, and as the program grows, so too will our roster of rewards and point earning opportunities for our loyal Guests.”
The program allows enrollment through the Blazin’ Rewards app—available on both iOS and Android—as well as through in-store tablets and online at the program’s dedicated website.

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