Loyalty360 – the Loyalty Marketers’ Association has named Brierley+Partners a Loyalty360 Verified vendor. In its evaluation of Brierley+Partners, Loyalty360 validated the vendor’s capabilities, strategic focus, strengths, and leadership. The analysis showed that Brierley+Partners is well positioned to guide clients on designing, building, and analyzing loyalty programs, as well as helping them build and execute next generation customer loyalty strategies.

“We have worked with hundreds of clients and have had tremendous success in creating some of the innovative and popular loyalty programs in the world,” said Jim Sturm, CEO and President of Brierley+Partners. “Loyalty360 Verified recognizes our successes, as well as our strategic focus on helping clients become loyalty companies, not companies with a loyalty program.”

Loyalty360 identified Brierley+Partners’ focus on technology productization, customer data capabilities and loyalty program acumen as strengths that work together to help clients create engagement, advocacy, and emotional loyalty, not just loyalty programs. The evaluation identified specific capabilities that were substantiated by Loyalty360’s analysis, including Brierley+Partners’ strategic services, technology and platforms, reporting and analytics, program management, and operations and creative services. The report also details industry, company, and program sizes served by the vendor.

“We hear from brands every day that are looking for guidance in finding vendors that will truly understand their needs and have the ability to help build and execute a successful customer loyalty strategy,” said Mark Johnson, CEO and CMO of Loyalty360. “Through our Loyalty360 Verified evaluation, we can say with objectivity that Brierley+Partners is positioned to help clients navigate the enormous and highly complex opportunities for building customer loyalty today.”

Loyalty360 Verified is a comprehensive authentication of vendors – by specialty – to aid brands in determining the right tools and technology partners related to building long-term and profitable relationships with customers. Vendors that are Loyalty360 Verified complete a rigorous auditing process, which includes in-depth client interviews, to substantiate claims made by the vendors. A report that outlines the specific expertise that vendors bring to client relationships is available to Loyalty360 members and vendors looking for new or different loyalty partners.

For more information about Loyalty360 Verified, please visit: loyalty360.org/verified.

About Loyalty360 
Loyalty360 is an unbiased, market driven, voice of the customer focused clearinghouse and think-tank that is committed to bringing loyalty to the forefront as a critical marketing strategy. A trusted source for cutting-edge research, best practices, and networking opportunities, Loyalty360 gives members the expert insights and guidance they need to better understand loyalty and develop programs that effectively engage their customers and employees and build stronger relationships with them.

About Brierley+Partners 
Brierley+Partners is the leader in CRM & Loyalty. The company has designed and manages some of the world’s most successful loyalty and CRM programs for major clients: Hertz, Express, GameStop, Hard Rock and 7-Eleven to name a few. Brierley+Partners offers a complete suite of loyalty services: loyalty program design, CRM strategy, analytics and research, CRM/loyalty technology, Omni-Channel delivery, creative, production and fulfillment. All services focus on a single mission: making clients’ customer relationships dramatically more profitable. For more information visit: http://www.brierley.com.

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