Melissa Lemberg, Regional President, Manifest, believes that the intersection of business insights and customer-centricity can lead brands to emotional connections and, ultimately, customer loyalty.
During a session at the recent Forrester CXNYC 2016 Conference, Lemberg talked about customer experience design with an overarching theme of understanding your customers, and absolutely placing them at the center of every key business decision.
“You need to understand your customers holistically,” Lemberg told attendees. “What it really comes down to is how can you best connect with your customers on an emotional level to grow relationships and customer loyalty. You have to exceed expectations. We hear a lot about simplicity, which is absolutely essential. People want the best experience every time they engage with you. To provide the best customer design, you have to evolve the offering you have to engage with these customers so they feel comfortable interacting with your brand.”
The opportunity lies in the data.
“Understand who your customers are,” Lemberg said. “Understand their behavior and the interactions they have with your brands. Figure out how you can use that data through every transaction and how can you make every customer record smarter. Every time they interact with you, we should understand more about their life and their preferences. You have to be customer-centric. Understand who they are and put yourself in their shoes.”
What’s more, she said to identify potential friction points and make it easier for customers to engage through a seamless process.
“Get feedback from customers, refine ideas, and optimize experiences so you know you’re engaging with your customers,” Lemberg noted.
Content is key.
“There is a relevance formula we developed,” she said. “Are people really reading what you’re putting out there? How can you optimize it to engage better. You can’t be everything to everybody. Focus on the right information at the right time that reflects your brand personality. Deliver focused content that is personalized and relevant and you’ll be able to grow those connections, loyalty, and your businesses.”
Brand officials should think holistically about digital transformation.
“What skills do people have?” Lemberg said. “Can they think holistically? What processes are you using? Where is work getting done? Understand these questions to best support the development of experiences and innovations in an ongoing basis.”
Create an internal culture that empowers employees, and one that promotes loyalty from corporate officials. Also, anticipate needs and behaviors across the board.
The financial services industry offers a prime opportunity for content development.
“People are, literally, wearing their accounts on their watches,” Lemberg said. “They can use applications at their fingertips. It’s a great opportunity for content, breaking down difficult terminology, better connecting, and explaining products.”
Lemberg offered some final advice for attendees:
-CX is important
-Simplicity is an absolute necessity, but it includes new levels of customer-centricity
-Put customers at the center of everything you do at every step of their journeys
-Provide information and services people need at every step of the process
-Know your customers
-Look at social and any customer-drive information that you can grasp
-Leverage all the data you can
-Look for key friction points and try to break down those barriers
“Get personal,” Lemberg concluded. “The more personal you get, the more comfortable they’ll feel. Grow loyalty and grow customers for life.”

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