Innovative Market Research Firm Increases the Actionability of Brand     Recommendations through Quantitative Analysis

DULLES, Va.—Vovici, the leading provider of Voice of the Customer and enterprise     feedback management (EFM)      solutions, today announced that BRANDbeacon     Consulting, an innovative brand research firm, has successfully     integrated Vovici into its brand research offering to supercharge its     research recommendations with powerful, quantitative insights.

BRANDbeacon is at the forefront of utilizing online surveys to add     timely, quantitative validation to brand recommendations and action     plans. “We elevated our analysis to a new level the minute we started     using Vovici to capture customer experience insights,” says Lewis Evans,      founder and CEO of BRANDbeacon Consulting. Companies have long relied on     qualitative research from focus groups, mystery shopping and phone or     in-person interviews to make brand management decisions. These methods     tend to be expensive and time-consuming to execute. “Brand managers     today realize they need a market pulse that is almost up-to-the minute.      Vovici provides us the power and flexibility to back up all of our     recommendations, and test all of our assumptions, with fresh,      measureable marketplace feedback,” explains Evans.

Brand leaders are also pushing their research teams to deliver more     actionable and measurable direction. Evans asserts that “researchers     must be able to translate findings into a language relevant to     management—a language rooted in opportunities, potential rewards,      outcomes and risks.” One example of this is the Customer Experience     Monitor program BRANDbeacon helped to build for First Tennessee Bank. As     part of this program, Vovici-powered surveys capture customer feedback     at the point of transaction, as well as during a quarterly satisfaction     survey. “With the data captured by Vovici, First Tennessee Bank has been     able to make both immediate and longer-term improvements to its brand     messaging and operations that have resulted in a significant increase in     customer retention over the years,” claims Evans.

“BRANDbeacon Consulting is proving the extraordinary power of voice     of the customer through quantifiable metrics for each of its     clients,” says Dave Capuano, vice president of marketing for Vovici. “As     companies battle in the marketplace for brand awareness and positioning,      Vovici is the partner of choice for firms like BRANDbeacon to ensure     that action plans are backed by customer insights.”

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