Russ Reynolds, CEO of Batteries Plus Bulbs, told Loyalty360 the he is most proud of how company associates serve their customer.
“As the nation’s only battery, light bulb and phone/tablet repair franchise with a nationwide network, we have the widest selection of these types of products available to our customers,” Reynolds explained. “We continuously offer unmatched service to consumers, businesses, and government entities at both the national and local levels. Additionally, we are proud of our 29 years of consecutive growth, which we just announced this year. A continued focus on product and service innovation to satisfy emerging demand and stay on-trend has made us a profitable business with consecutive years of same-store and system sales growth.”
In the past three years, Reynolds noted, systemwide sales have grown 22.6 percent, and a significant category investment from 2016-2017 resulted in exceptional total sales growth in phone repair, which represents a 42 percent increase.
“Thanks to our loyal customers, we have continued to expand across the nation as we plan to open 33 more franchise locations and 14 corporate locations in 2018, which will add hundreds of new jobs in local communities,” Reynolds said. “Serving our local communities also fuels our brand and makes us proud to be in this business.”
Now more than ever, Reynolds said, the customer is in control of retail and the overall experience when they are shopping, whether it is online, in store, or on their phone or tablet.
“Therefore, our approach to enhancing our customer engagement and customer experience is by really listening to them and understanding their needs when it comes to shopping,” Reynolds said. “For example, our omnichannel strategy, where the shopping experience is seamless across multiple platforms, is always top of mind. We’re also expanding services at Batteries Plus Bulbs because we want to be a one-stop shop for them. Most recently, we launched our automobile key programming and cutting services that includes key fob programming as well as shell and battery replacements, which is cheaper than other dealerships. This is just one example of a complementary extension to our existing battery, specialty light bulb and phone repair services.”
Reynolds said that recognizing and embracing the customer being fully in control of the shopping experience has impacted company strategy.
“We have evolved to no longer focus on only offering products and services that we think our customers need,” he said. “Instead, we are rolling out new products and services nationwide that our customers actually want. We are listening to our customers, asking them more frequently about their needs and what they like and do not like, via online and in-store satisfaction surveys. Additionally, we learned that an omnichannel experience is a priority for communication with customers.
“At all customer touch points, including search, website visit, and store visit, we ensure that they all provide the same quality experience. A large part of an effective customer loyalty program is the network of franchise owners and associates who are working in stores across the country. We work closely with our store associates to ensure they provide exceptional customer service inside every Batteries Plus Bulbs.”
Batteries Plus Bulbs is a needs-based business, and customers shop there with some sense of urgency and immediacy.
“In recent years, we have recognized that connecting our online and in-store customer experience would both better address customer demand and, ultimately, increase sales, so we launched our omnichannel initiative,” Reynolds said. “Our dynamic ecommerce platform is aimed at providing a streamlined and seamless customer experience, and ultimately converting website visits to sales and in-store visits. The key is that once customers find the product they want online, we give them multiple purchasing options because we understand that immediacy is important to customer satisfaction. That is why we also launched our Buy Online, Pick Up in Store program, so shoppers could get their purchase on the same day of ordering it online.
“We are continuously focused on launching new products and services at Batteries Plus Bulbs, and one we are currently rolling out across the country is automobile key services: affordable, convenient key cutting and key fob programming and shell/battery replacement. This is just the latest example of how we are staying ahead of the changing retail landscape.”

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