Bank of America Partners with Indagare to Offer Exclusive, Premium Member Rewards Experiences

Bank of America has partnered with luxury travel company Indagare to offer premium, exclusive travel experiences to its top-tier loyalty members. The partnership will offer clients, including Merrill and Private Bank clients, behind-the-scenes access to unique locations and virtual experiences through Indagare’s members-only boutique travel offerings.

Said Chris Curtin, Rewards and Social Media Executive at Bank of America, on the partnership, “When it comes to our clients and our Preferred Rewards members at Bank of America, we are hyper-thoughtful and hyper-selective on the partnerships we choose and in the way we bring them to life, and this partnership with Indagare is the latest example of that. It’s not enough for us to believe in Preferred Rewards, our clients need to believe in it too. And what I take pride in and what I get the most energy from is that our entire team only feels like the best is yet to come.”

Originally featuring gold, platinum and platinum honors tiers, the Bank of America Preferred Rewards recently enhanced its program to include two new tiers, diamond and diamond honors. Members at these levels will now have exclusive access to one-of-a-kind virtual and physical travel experiences through Indagare.

Said Monica Pipenkotter, Private Wealth Advisor at Merrill, “This opportunity with Indagare gives us an edge with prospective clients - they have the means to travel, but they can’t create these one-of-a-kind experiences. Sometimes it’s an offering like this that helps enhance their lifestyle and can really make the difference in a relationship.”

The curated experiences range from exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the wonders of the world led by renowned archaeologists, extended stays with some of the most awarded winery families in Nappa Valley, and first looks at art unveilings, museum openings and cultural events.

“As we created the experiences, both virtual and live, we really focused on what we know people consider to be the greatest luxuries today – and that’s rare access and meaningful connections,” said Melissa Biggs Bradley, Founder and CEO of Indagare. “The loss of the privilege of travel during the pandemic has made people even more eager to see the wonders of the world and to do it in a really meaningful and intimate way. In many ways, that’s really what we are doing with these experiences, we’re delivering unique virtual experiences and global invitations for the Preferred Rewards Diamond Honors tier at Bank of America. We’ve created experiences that are going to allow them to see the world’s most special places with the people who define, create and protect them.”

The virtual tours give members a taste of the destination limited to 50 members at a time and offer guests a chance to interact with hosts in real-time. The intimate experience offers members special access to events they cannot experience elsewhere. Clients who RSVP receive gifts that are tied to the event, such as wine to drink along with other attendees. It is truly an interactive experience like none other.

In addition to the virtual tours, guests can book small group trips exclusively for diamond honors members and experience in-person private tours and behind-the-scenes access to curated locations and events. 

Indagare travel experiences are available exclusively to Diamond Honors members—clients with $10 million and more across their Bank of America banking and Merrill investing balances. Qualified clients can register for these unique experiences through their Merrill or Private Bank advisor teams.
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