Bakkt Study Finds Workers Open to Crypto Payments

Bakkt Holdings, Inc. released findings from its “Gig Workers & Crypto Study” examining various segments of gig workers and their openness to and understanding of cryptocurrency. While the study was fielded during peak crypto volatility between mid-June and early July, 38% said they were open to getting paid in crypto and openness rose to nearly 50% when asked if they were open to getting paid a portion in crypto.

“The increasing appeal and the existing usage of cryptocurrency among gig workers came through clearly in our study,” said Nicolas Cabrera, Chief Product Officer Payments at Bakkt. “While this group could benefit from increased understanding of how crypto can be used, rideshare drivers, food delivery drivers and other gig workers cite crypto as the next generation of currency and are drawn to the potential increase in the value of their pay.”

Crypto adoption is already well underway with this demographic of workers, and they appear to be crypto savvy, with 20% claiming they have already been paid in crypto. Within that group, freelance writers/designers/developers, grocery shoppers, social influencers and those who rent properties were most likely to say they have been previously paid in crypto.

The study surveyed 1,018 gig workers across the U.S. and was fielded in June and July 2022, providing insight into how gig workers think about the future of crypto payments, as well as examining how crypto adoption and sentiments vary across gig work segments.

To learn more about this research, please click here.

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