American Express Online Payments ARTICLE Digital customer engagement is a growing trend that cannot be overlooked. As more customers increasingly rely on a host of mobile devices to conduct business and stay connected to the world, brands that want to offer a relevant, meaningful, and convenient customer experience must continually strive to stay ahead of the game.

American Express understands the need for such innovative customer engagement efforts, and in response, it is currently undergoing what it calls a “digital transformation strategy.” The latest initiative of this strategy is called Amex Express Checkout, which promises to offer a fast and secure way for members to make online payments.

What’s different about Amex Express Checkout is that it is not merely an online “wallet” and it does not require an Amex card carrier to set-up or manage a separate account. By using their established Amex login, members can make online purchases simply by taping a mobile device or clicking a computer screen. Furthermore, this feature will also auto-fill many of the necessary data fields using pre-existing Amex account information, bringing an unmatched level of ease and convenience to every customer.

“We absolutely feel that digital convenience is a core customer engagement strategy for American Express,” said Dave Wolf, American Express VP of Global Product & Business Development told Loyalty360. “Amex Express Checkout is another proof point of our digital transformation strategy – we are meeting our digitally savvy Card Members and merchant partners where they are to create slick and seamless payment experiences that can’t easily be replicated by our competitors.”

Card members can currently use this new function online at The Wall Street Journal, Ticketmaster, BarkBox, Burberry, Ledbury, Newegg, Sabon, and, Warby Parker. A number of additional online partners including Avis Car Rental, Banana Republic, Cole Haan, Hulu, Gap, Intermix, Old Navy, and more are expected to come onboard soon.

Amex Express Checkout is ideal for card members because it comes with all the benefits, promotions, and services of using a physical Amex card.American Express Online Payments CALLOUT

Plus, the program will also be beneficial to merchants as well. Alongside enhanced security, Amex Express Checkout promises to integrate quickly and easily with previously established software systems.

“We know our merchant partners – big and small – are always looking for ways to make online payments easier and more seamless to increase conversion,” Wolf continued. “With Amex Express Checkout, we’ve done just that. Merchants have the opportunity to not only provide another great payments option to existing customers, but to also acquire new consumers as well as their account information and card data – all with embedded security features and customer authentication performed by American Express.”    

As this program rolls out, the brand is also offering an additional incentive for a limited time. Through September 7, 2015, card members that complete an online transaction using Amex Express Checkout at Ticketmaster, Burberry, Newegg, BarkBox, Sabon, or Ledbury will receive a one-time $10 credit to their account

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