Few would argue against digital engagement being among the most effective methods of building a loyal consumer base and, given that belief, something as simple as a brand’s website can potentially make or break its ability to create this retention. Canada’s largest airline, Air Canada, has taken this principle to heart in its redesign of Aircanada.com. Built to be both engaging as well as functional, the site looks to play a crucial role in the company’s CX moving forward.

In a nod to the constantly growing number of channels through which travelers access the brand, the site is designed to accommodate a wide variety of screen shapes and sizes. This kind of capability has become table stakes for brands looking to engage customers, with the lack of this functionality often being a point of significant friction for visitors on the go.

The site was built from the ground up with customer feedback in mind, taking into account ideas that come straight from the requests of both consumers and employees.

“Thank you to the thousands of customers and Air Canada employees whose feedback drove our redesign efforts,” said Lucie Guillemette, executive vice president and chief commercial officer for the airline. “The site’s new features include an easier flight shopping experience by eliminating about half of the steps required to make a booking, enhanced accessibility for customers with special needs, and streamlined simple and easier-to-find information. This also serves as a new foundation for improving Air Canada’s digital experience; over the coming year, we’ll be rolling out many new websites and mobile app features based on customer requests.”
In travel, perhaps more than in any other vertical, a website must be more than aesthetically engaging: It must be practical. With this in mind, the airline has developed tools such as real-time operational updates and rebooking tools to be streamlined and quickly accessed, giving customers the ability to take control of a travel process that so often feels uncomfortable in its lack of transparency.

Armed with its new website, Air Canada is poised to spark engagement and add another channel through which its respected customer experience can be extended to travelers.

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