Previously on Loyalty360’s daily news, I mentioned how awesome it would be to kick off this summer with a free ice cream from Häagen-Dazs. Now, you have one more thing to put on your summer to-do list because 7-Eleven is introducing a new Slurpee Lite drink. It will be the first Glacéau Vitaminwater Chill carried by the convenience chain.
Taking a cue from the latest flavor trends, 7-Eleven and Glacéau chose blueberry-lavender as the featured flavor for the launch of the Slurpee Lite drink. The refreshing periwinkle blue-colored frozen drink is naturally flavored, contains no sugar, and is just 20 calories per 8-ounce serving.
Floral and botanical flavors show up on multiple 2019 food trend lists. As consumers seek more complex flavor profiles, such profiles are predicted to continue to grow in popularity. Pairing florals, herbals, and botanicals with berries has also been cited as popular taste combinations, especially among millennials looking for ways to cut sugar without sacrificing flavor.
“Botanical extracts really complement fruit flavors and have been popular ingredients in desserts, high-end chocolates, and mixed drinks in the last few years,” says Jacob Barnes, 7-Eleven Proprietary Beverages Director. “We wanted to be on the leading edge of the botanical beverage trend as they gain in popularity and mainstream acceptance. The Blueberry Lavender Vitaminwater Chill is really big on flavor for such a low-calorie content. It’s ideal for someone who loves Slurpee drinks, but may be looking for a lighter alternative.”
The past few months have been a great kickstart to 7-Eleven’s loyalty approach to customers in 2019. Since March, the company has revamped its loyalty program and launched various campaigns to win the hearts of customers. Besides adding new technology to its loyalty platform, the legacy convenience store offers unique, innovative customer experiences through its “lab” store concept and its gamification of the newly released movie Detective Pikachu.
With all these efforts in giving customers the best experiences in convenience store shopping, 7-Eleven has been selected as one of the finalists in the Technology and Trends award category at the upcoming Loyalty Expo 2019. We are all excited to hear great loyalty ideas from 7-Eleven when we attend the company’s award presentation.

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