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Marriott’s Transformative Customer Experiences Engage Travellers All Around the World

  • February 26 2017
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Note: This article originally appeared on October 27th, 2016. Customer loyalty is no longer about simply earning points or redeeming rewards. Loyalty, in fact, has evolved significantly. It has moved well beyond what many consumers now see as...Read More

Norwegian Cruise Line Sets Course For Customer Loyalty

  • January 29 2017
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

This story was originally published October 7th, 2016. It should be fairly clear to brands now that simply offering a basic discount or a few basic rewards are no longer enough to win and retain customer loyalty. But what is not so clear, however...Read More

Wyndham Rewards’ Simplicity and Flexibility Drive Loyalty Program Success

  • January 21 2017
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

This article was originally published June 21st, 2016. Wyndham Rewards is a unique loyalty program. In a successful bid to reject the complex conventions typically still found throughout the hotel and travel industry, Wyndham instead embraced...Read More

Wyndham Differentiates with Loyalty Program Simplicity

  • December 24 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Cutting through all the noise currently pervading the customer loyalty industry today is not easy. By some estimates, it is not unreasonable for the average consumer to be involved in dozens of various loyalty programs. Increasing customer...Read More

Respect and Responsibility: Two Pillars that Define Customer Engagement for TD Bank

  • October 31 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

By putting the customer first, TD Bank is on a mission to prioritize the human element within the financial industry. This includes offering a customer experience that strives to earn trust, demonstrate respect and build relationships with each...Read More

In an Age of Digital Publishing, Harlequin Bridges the Customer Loyalty Gap

  • October 23 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Like most industries, the publishing world is evolving. By all accounts, consumers are certainly still interested in reading, but many of the ways they choose to engage with their favorite authors, stories, and ongoing narratives have changed. The...Read More

How TD Bank Humanizes the Customer Experience

  • October 03 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Not many brands connect with consumers on such an intimate level as those within the financial industry. At its core, banking can be among the most personal aspects of one’s life, and it requires significant trust for consumers to willingly...Read More

Why Retention and Alignment are Key Customer Loyalty Concepts for Columbia Business School

  • September 27 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Most businesses know the score. Even most first year business students are aware of the concept. In fact, because of its mention on hit prime time television shows such as NBC’s The Office, even mass audiences might be familiar with the...Read More

Marriott International Embraces Innovation to Drive Uniquely Engaging Customer Experiences

  • September 23 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Acquiring and retaining brand loyalty now requires a bigger commitment by marketers to relate to customers in relevant and meaningful ways. Simply offering points for basic rewards does not have the cache or the allure it once held. Instead...Read More

Harlequin My Rewards Unique Among Publishing Industry Loyalty Programs

  • September 20 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

As a leading publisher of women’s fiction, Harlequin pushes itself to be a trailblazer in the customer loyalty space. The rise of both digital engagement and ecommerce has already heralded the advent of ebooks and online purchasing, and...Read More

The San Francisco 49ers Win Customer Loyalty On and Off the Field

  • August 26 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

As a sports franchise, the San Francisco 49ers are one of the most recognizable brands in the industry. In the past few decades, the team has won five Super Bowl Champions and have supported a number of Hall of Fame players including Joe Montana...Read More

Global Hotel Alliance’s Loyalty Program Encourages Exploration and DISCOVERY

  • August 15 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Global Hotel Alliance (GHA) is not only the world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands. It is also one of the most unique brands in the hospitality industry. By bringing together various distinct and independently operated hotel...Read More

Recyclebank Wins Passionate Brand Loyalty by Working Toward a Sustainable Future

  • August 05 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

For many customer experience and marketing professionals today, the goal is to move beyond the notion of simply attracting new customers. It is no longer enough to get more people to engage on a one-time or limited basis. Rather, the notion of...Read More

In an Age of Disruption, CA Technologies Stresses the Importance of Customer Experience

  • August 03 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

The underpinnings of marketing and customer engagement are now driven by technology. In fact, this is true for almost all aspects of business. Emerging technologies are changing the way customers are interacting with brands and affecting the way...Read More

[Podcast] Case Study: Intuit

  • July 11 2016
  • Resource: Multimedia

In this exclusive Loyalty360 podcast, we look at Intuit, and the role of data in engaging customers by offering them what they what, when and where they want it. Through the leveraging of this data, Intuit is able to effectively leverage customer...Read More

Dunkin’ Donuts Seamlessly Merges Digital and Physical Customer Experiences

  • July 11 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

When it comes to offering an engaging, relevant and modern customer experience, Dunkin’ Donuts is one company that has never had to play catch-up, which is not something that can be said for a lot of brands. What customers demand and expect...Read More

Brand Loyalty Without Borders: How the Canadian Red Cross Inspires and Engages Donors

  • July 02 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

On April 25, 2015 a devastating earthquake shook Nepal to its core. It measured a 7.8 magnitude on the Richter scale and nearly left the country in ruins. It was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal in decades, and as the world turned its...Read More

Sears Builds Upon a Legacy of Highly Relevant and Personalized Customer Experiences

  • June 27 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

A big part of offering relevant customer experiences allowing customers to shop in a manner that fits with their own individual needs and preferences. And when Sears decided to design a loyalty program, it not only used this philosophy to inform...Read More

Consistency is Key for Ryder’s Customer Loyalty Strategy

  • June 25 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

As a well-known operator of transportation supply chain management products and various rental truck services, Ryder exists in a rather specialized sector of the rental industry. Even though it will rent to individuals should the opportunity arise...Read More

Finish Line’s Customer Experience Stays In Step with Dynamic Consumer Lifestyles

  • June 24 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Many brands today (the most successful ones anyway) are continually looking for new and better ways to connect with customers on deep and meaningful levels. Simply offering exceptional service and superior products will not always win brand...Read More

Memorable Customer Experiences are at the Heart of Auntie Anne’s Brand Loyalty

  • June 15 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Take a stroll throughout almost any mall or shopping center and you are likely to come across a very familiar site. Perfect for a quick snack of even an entire meal, Auntie Anne’s has been a big part of many people’s lives for years...Read More

Continuous Innovation Keeps Safelite’s Customer Experience On Top

  • June 01 2016
  • Resource: Loyalty Management

No brands are safe from the threat of digital disruption. But the brands that realize and recognize this are, at least, farther ahead than those who refuse to break away from the grip of convention. As brands in the travel and entertainment...Read More

How Hallmark Helps Brands Nurture Deep, Meaningful Customer Experiences

  • May 31 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

The care, consideration and empathy that people feel and display toward one another can form some of the strongest bonds that make human relationships so meaningful and rewarding. They stretch across almost every kind of interaction. From the...Read More

Strong Measurements Enhance the Power and Focus of Dunkin’ Donuts Loyalty Program

  • May 30 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

It is almost impossible to dispute the importance of customer loyalty, and the crucial roll that the most innovative loyalty programs have in attracting and retaining consumers. For decades, loyalty programs have been leveraged as a key strategy...Read More

Passion Fuels WomanHeart’s Community-centric Customer Engagement

  • May 29 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

While some brands might call it “customer-centric,” for WomanHeart this concept is better translated as “patient-centric.” Committed to serving the needs of women who are either diagnosed or at risk of heart disease...Read More

Allstate’s Customer Experience Changes the Way Drivers Interact with Insurance Providers

  • May 28 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Allstate has firmly established itself as one of the leading brands in the insurance industry. As the second largest personal lines insurer in the country, Allstate carefully attends to the needs of its customers with a wide range of products and...Read More

Memorable Customer Experiences and Experiential Rewards Define Global Hotel Alliance

  • May 20 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Take a moment, and think back upon some of the most memorable moments in your life. For most people, time spent with family and friends while engaging in new and unique experiences will often top that list. Rarely will people speak of a great...Read More

How Ryder Drives an Exceptional Customer Experience

  • May 15 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

There's a very good reason why Ryder builds customer relationships that last, and it has to do with the high level of both employee and customer engagement that the brand takes great care to provide. As a leading trucking company that mostly...Read More

Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota Brings Meaningful and Relevant Customer Engagement to the Healthcare Industry

  • May 14 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

When it comes to building relationships, it is hard to think of any industry that is more intimate than healthcare. It regularly deals with life and death situations, and it gets directly involved in the lives of families during some of the most...Read More

SCENE Embraces a Modern Movie Experience with an Updated Loyalty Program

  • May 10 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Canadians have had a long-standing love affair with going to the movies, and this forms the very foundation of one of the most popular and enduring loyalty programs in existence. Since 2007, SCENE has delighted Canadians by enabling them to earn...Read More

Safelite Brand Loyalty is “People Powered” and “Customer Driven”

  • May 09 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Safelite AutoGlass is one of the largest auto glass specialists in the nation. Since being founded in 1947, it has grown to serve more than 5.4 million customers annually, and it has become the leading brand for conducting an array of auto glass...Read More

Lowes Foods’ Experiential and Immersive Brand Culture Builds Community and Customer Loyalty

  • May 09 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

There are few businesses as competitive as the grocery industry. Just look around, and even the most casual consumer will notice a myriad of grocery stores on almost every corner and within every shopping center. To compound this problem...Read More

WomenHeart Champions the Brand Loyalty of Survivors, Supporters and Partners

  • May 07 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

It is absolutely critical for brands to know and understand the audience they are seeking to engage. For some brands, this means acquiring the ability to target a specific consumer segment with relevant and meaningful services. For other...Read More

For the New York Racing Association, a Day at the Races Means a Personalized Customer Experience

  • May 06 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

The New York Racing Association serves as one of the premiere horseracing organizations in the world. Throughout its three properties - which include Aqueduct Racetrack for thoroughbred aficionados, the family friendly Belmont Park in Long Island,...Read More

TD Bank Index Demonstrates the Benefits of an Omni-Channel Home buying Customer Experience

  • May 05 2016
  • Resource: DailyNews

The experience of buying a home can be daunting and it is not one many people wish to repeat on regular basis. New research, however, suggests that adopting a variety of omnichannel customer engagement strategies can significantly improve people...Read More

The Next Wave of Disruption Belongs to Customer Experience-Centric Brands

  • May 03 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Disrupt, or be disrupted. This was the simple yet cautionary advice for both brands and customer experience professionals from Dayton Semerjian, CA Technologies General Manager of Global Customer Success, during a recent conversation with...Read More

Experiential Rewards and Member Exclusivity Delights P.F. Chang’s Loyalty Program Members

  • May 01 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

P.F. Chang’s takes great care to win the customer loyalty of both casual diners and food aficionados alike. Since opening its doors in 1993, the brand’s mission to provide an authentically array of Chinese dishes has become a...Read More

ThankYou Rewards is A Pillar of Citi’s Customer Loyalty Strategy

  • April 28 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Customer loyalty means more than simply offering a few points in exchange for spending a few dollars. Customer loyalty runs much deeper. It’s about establishing meaningful relationships with customers. It’s about enriching those...Read More

Caribou Coffee Brews a Customer Experience Infused with Surprise and Delight

  • April 26 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

People take their coffee seriously. For many, the first cup of hot coffee is more than just an eye-opening experience. It is part of a daily ritually that can refresh, relieve and relax the body. As an aromatic experience, coffee can activate the...Read More

Dunkin’ Donuts Adapts to Modern Customer Experiences

  • April 22 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Dunkin' Donuts uses big data and advanced customer engagement techniques to bring a 1:1 experience to millions of loyal followers every single day. In this respect, Dunkin Donuts is helping to set a new customer experience standard by...Read More

Marvel Superheroes Add an Exciting Dimension to MasterCard’s Customer Experience

  • April 19 2016
  • Resource: DailyNews

There are few customer segments as loyal and as passionate as those who follow the adventures and storylines interwoven throughout the superhero universe. These fans often follow the pursuits of their favorite characters across a wide range of...Read More

Innovative Lowes Foods eCircular Bridges the Gap Between Print and Digital Customer Experiences

  • April 15 2016
  • Resource: DailyNews

Lowes Foods is proud to claim an industry fist among brands that are vying for customer engagement in the grocery space. Based in North Carolina, Lowes Foods has faced a tremendously competitive industry. Up until now, the regionally owned and...Read More

Newegg Premier Program Rewards Top Market Sellers with Enhanced Customer Experiences

  • April 14 2016
  • Resource: DailyNews

Choice and seamless integration are two core competencies that must comprise the foundation of any successful customer experience. This is especially true with regards to the changing habits and expectations of modern consumers.   Added to...Read More

New Barnes & Noble Partnership To Improve The NOOK’s Customer Experience

  • April 13 2016
  • Resource: DailyNews

Digital customer engagement is a hallmark of marketing today. Those that can hone and prefect the means by which consumers can easily and conveniently engage with various products and services are better poised to win customer loyalty. Rarely is...Read More

Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota Expertly Navigates the Rapidly Changing Healthcare Customer Experience

  • April 12 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota is currently one of the largest pediatric health systems in the country, and it exists on the cutting-edge of many medical and technological procedures that continually enhance the health of ...Read More

Caesars Wins Big By Offering Rewarding Customer Experiences

  • March 03 2016
  • Resource: In-Depth Exclusives

Caesars Entertainment Corporation is called “the largest and most rewarding entertainment network" for a good reason. With over 40 properties that regularly host over 115 million guest visits per year, Caesars is recognized as the world...Read More