Thought Leadership Series BJ Emerson, VP of Technology, Tasti DLite  Planet Smoothie

Through the Loyalty 360 Thought Leadership series we invite you to hear first-hand insights and perspectives from the thought leadership driving the customer engagement and loyalty industry today.

In this video blog, Loyalty 360 interviews BJ Emerson, VP of Technology, Tasti D-Lite & Planet Smoothie.

BJ shares his perspective and best practice insight relating to the following topics:

1. What was the impetus for writing the book, The Tasti D-Lite Way: Social Media Marketing Lessons for Building Loyalty and a Brand Customers Crave?

2. Do consumers want to engage with brands in the social space?

3. Is the social strategy right for everyone? How does one determine if the social interest is right for their brand?

4. Which platform is better Facebook or Twitter?

5. What is the biggest missed opportunity in the social space?

6. What keeps you up at night as you plan for the year ahead?

7. What do you recommend to brands that wish to stand out in the social sphere?