State of the Industry Shopper Motivations  the New Rules of Point of Sale Engagement PODCAST

Times are tough and that means grocery shoppers are looking around to get the best deals. But what you might not expect is the level of retailer disloyalty they are displaying, along with the fact that almost half of all purchasing decisions are made in-store, even in this digital age.

In the UK, brands and retailers spend more than £1.2bn on point-of-sale (POS) communications and a further £14bn on price promotions annually. To get under the skin of how shoppers react to these messages, and how they react to in-store marketing in comparison to other channels, St Ives Group commissioned extensive research.

The first was a survey in which 1,000 consumers took part in a 20-minute questionnaire about what motivated their decisions about which supermarkets to visit and products to buy. The second was a series of accompanied shopping trips checking attitudes to in-store promotional and POS material. Let’s take a look at what we discovered.




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