[Podcast] TD Bank Presents an Authentic Customer Experience Part II

This is the second installment of Loyalty360’s Q&A with Arianna Orpello, Head of Brand, Channel, and Field Marketing for TD Bank. You can read part one here.

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What we see, as we watch and listen to a growing brand community, is that it’s challenging to listen to and understand customers. Do you experience that as well?
We carefully consider consumer sentiment and expectations. We want to know what consumers expect from us, how our brand is resonating, and how we're delivering on our value proposition. We have an internal customer experience metric that we call our Legendary Experience Index, or LEI. We track that to determine what we can do better or differently for our customers. We look very hard at things like our brand tracking and J.D. Power results. We are in the process right now of standing up a pretty rich customer community that we tap for insight on an ongoing basis.
We conduct social listening to better understand what consumers are saying about us. Now, we’re always out there monitoring the trends of how people are looking at our brand and other brands. I think it is a relentless game, and I actually believe that the most effective organizations understand the pulse and can actually listen and react and respond—those who can do that are successful. That’s what Unexpectedly Human is built on.
We launched our Bank Human brand several years ago, and we found that the "human" part really resonates with people, and customers believe we're delivering on that. It's something that differentiates us, and we wanted to retain that element.
But we walked away from the word “bank” for a specific reason, because some defined that as a transactional relationship with a teller standing in front of you. People saw it as, “bank human means bank with a teller,” instead of this aspirational idea that customers should expect more from a bank. Unexpectedly Human means we're actually going to deliver that to you. We want customers to expect more from a bank, and we're committed to that promise.