New Tiger Woods Commercial Shows Nikes Commitment to “Voice of the Customer”

by: Mark Johnson, President & CEO, Loyalty 360

Though Tiger Woods did not win this year’s Master’s, there is still plenty of buzz about the new Nike/Tiger Woods commercial, which features Tiger looking into the camera while his deceased father’s voice states the wish to “find out what (his) thinking was.”  Some have called it creepy and eerie; others think it’s masterful.  These differing views have certainly helped the ad go viral in a big, big way.  According to new statistics from Visible Measures, after about a week on Nike’s official YouTube channel the clip received more than 2.7 million views.   Visible Measures also counted more than 160 reposts, mashups and parodies, accumulating a total of 7.1 million views and more than 15,000 comments.

Sure a lot of curious folks have checked out the ad, but what does this viral explosion tell us about its effectiveness?  On one hand, I agree that the ad is a bit strange (which is probably fueled its viral buzz).  But, in the context of customer loyalty, engagement and true “Voice of the Customer” it is actually spot on.  There are only a few lines in the commercial and Tiger (representing the brand) is a ultimate representation of Nike. It is a bold statement of Nike showing its commitment to Tiger, yet understanding the mistakes that may have been made. The power in the commercial is that it is short, concise, and spot on.

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